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Rob1984 9 Jun 2012 06:17

Buying a small motorbike in nicaragua and then drive it through central america.
Hello everyone,

After having had a great motorbike trip through south east asia on a vietnamese-purchased suzuki 125cc motorbike without any problems at borders or with police, I would like to do the same in central america.

At the moment I'm in Nicaragua and am looking for a bike to buy. Now ofcourse I hear a lot of: 'You can't do this and you can't do that',( from travellers and locals) but i heard the same in SE-Asia and it turned out it wasn't a problem at all.

I've been surfing on the net but I can only find info about people who have ridden their big 650cc touringbike from back home with all the official documents into and through central america. However, i can't find anything about buying a local bike (a small one, like 125-150cc) and driving that across different countries.

Is there anyone who has done such a thing and can give me some insight about how it works with bordercrossing, policecheckpoints and to register (or not register) a locally purchased bike?

I could really use some info!


Greets Rob

richsuz 12 Jun 2012 16:20

If you are in Nicaragua and plan on touring the CA-4 countries, you will not have any problems crossing borders. A friend doing an RTW on a 125 Tales from the Saddle - Solo Motorcycle Tour Around the World on a Honda XR125 & Yamaha YBR 125 could be a good reference for you. He rode his YBR125 from Europe through Africa. Then from California down to Guatemala. His bike had electrical problems that could not be fixed here for months, so he purchased a Honda XR125L here to continue his journey to TDF. He is somewhere in PerĂº at the moment. Contact him for more info. Personally, I believe the best way to see/travel CA is on a under 250cc bike. good luck, and let me know when/if you are in Guatemala. We may get a chance to ride together.

Rob1984 23 Jun 2012 03:14

Thanks a lot! I've emailed him and got some good info!

anaconda moto 23 Jun 2012 14:36

Hola ,

You will have the best time on those little bikes!

Just search with the term "125cc" or something similar and i think a lot will come up!

Let us know how thing go!


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