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kyle0106 31 Jul 2008 01:39

Buying a motorcycle in Guatemala
Does anyone have any experience buying a motorcycle in Guatemala? I'm wondering if it would be easy to find a sturdy dual sport bike that could get me to Chile. Also, are there any restrictions on leaving the country with a bike that was purchased there? I would only be buying it there if there was no hassle taking it out of the country right away.

If the above is not possible, does anyone know about the same scenario, except from somewhere in southern Mexico?

Thanks for your help

peter-denmark 31 Jul 2008 15:28

this has been asked before, so look through the pages here.

You can get a small (125-200cc) dirtbike in Guatemala, new chinese or older japanese.

Prices are higher than in the states, but not impossible.

Paperwork requires that either you are very good at spanish or that the seller will do it with you.

kyle0106 1 Aug 2008 04:15

Thanks Peter. If anyone else has any info on exactly what the export restrictions are, and if there is a minimum amount of time you must own the bike for in Guatemala before leaving, that would be great to know.

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