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chris 19 Nov 2008 14:03

Brit seeks Baja Route comments?/ Ride buddies?/ Beer anyone?
Hi guys
Sorry for what might seem obvious to you. Over this Christmas/New Year I’m flying from England to LA, borrowing a DRZ400 with minimal luggage and heading south to Baja. I have about 2 weeks for Baja.

Route comments?
I think a top to tip and back would be good. Maybe something like 10/11 days going south on dirt/sand and 3/4 days north again on pavement.
I’ve spotted a “2007 Baja1000 race log” at Gps Track log route exchange Forum :: View topic - Baja 1000 Race log and also looked at “Tip to Tip” at Gps Track log route exchange Forum :: View topic - Tip to Tip (You need to be logged into the site to download the gps data).

There are however so many tracks/routes made available. It is a bit like information overload for somebody who has never been to Baja. Do you any recommendations/suggestions regarding other tracks/routes?
This thread Baja - the best of.......the worst of... - ADVrider already has lots of good comments.

Ride buddies?
Are you planning something similar? I aim to be crossing the US/Baja border on 21December . Do you want to ride together for a bit of the way? I want to ride as much dirt as possible. Sleeping in cheaper hotels or camping.
I’ll be travelling light on a DRZ like I said. The bike has a 4 gal tank so my fuel range is maybe 200 miles. I’ve had a lot of dirt/mud experience (the advantage of living in “God’s Own Country”: Yorkshire) and also sampled the joys of sand in the Moroccan Sahara.

FWIW, my website is Home The Bright Stuff dot Com

Beer anyone?
The bike is yellow (Now there's a surprise!). Helmet is red/white/black Arai TourX and I speak English with a funny accent (that is English English :cool4:). If you see/hear me, let’s drink a beer.

Ride safely,

STG06 19 Nov 2008 15:37

Chris.....a few suggestions....plan to cross over at Tecate...the crossing is pretty straight forward (not too busy) and has a good slab to Ensenada.

Lots of people stay at the Old Mill in San Quintin....but you can also head across to San Felipe and on down the west side of the Sea of Cortez through Puertocitos. to Alphonses along the coast. Breakfast at Mama Espinosa's in El Rosario is a must!

A side trip off Mexico 1 a little further south to Bahia de Los Angeles is recommended as is spending some time west of Loreto (also recommended as a stay for awhile place) out to the coast up to San Juanico and back into San Ignacio.

....San Ignacio Springs B&B is run by a couple of Canadian ex-pats who know the central area pretty well....and SI is a very pretty town etc.

Off road be prepared for lots of sand and washboard. And takes lots of agua (water) - the desert can be unforgiving.

Over the New Year period, higher points in Baja can be cold.....we camped one night in March near Rosarito then rode in the fog coming in off the Pacific toward Guerro Negro. I have never been so cold. Then next day off road south of Mulege, around Bahia Conception, I've never been so hot!

In all though, a absolutely great area....and your DRZ (excepting the seat) is probably the perfect bike for the area...


mollydog 19 Nov 2008 20:20

Should be a great trip. I have a few routes/tips but many I can't give exact
specifics. Some HD guys, some BMW touring types, some dual sport guys, some dirt racer types.

chris 20 Nov 2008 16:05

Many thanks for your input. I need to start pencilling your suggestions onto my paper map.
Ride safely,

bluesmoke 2 Dec 2008 04:38

Hotel in Santa Rosalita
San Fransico de la Sierra has some amazing scenery. There is the tiniest of towns at the end and some cliff paintings. When I went up two years ago I would rate it 4x4 only so it's rough for a car but no problem on the bike.

If you're passing through Santa Rosalita the Hotel El Morro is 1km south of town on a cliff overlooking the ocean and has an outdoor pool. It's worth checking out. Breakfast there is definitely worth having and the owner is a good guy.

Km 15 Carr Transp.
Tel/Fax: (115) 20414
1 mile south of Santa Rosalia on Hwy.1
Hotel also has restaurant, bar, & pool.

mollydog 2 Dec 2008 04:46

:thumbup1::thumbup1: on El Moro motel!

chris 10 Dec 2008 10:54

Thanks for all your input. I'm really looking forward to my trip. Only 10 days to go. Maybe see you on the road.
Ride safely,

chris 16 Mar 2009 22:46

Ride report is here: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/ride-tales/ride-report-baja-california-mexico-41542

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