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cpaulson 4 Dec 2012 00:42

Biker in NEED of some help!!!!!
I have a dear friend whom I have been riding with for the last few weeks who was suddenly involved in an accident in El Salvador. I don't have all the details as I had recently rode ahead to Nicaragua, but I do know he was t-bonned by a truck and is currently undergoing surgery for a broken femur. I guess it was near Ahuachapan. We desperately need to find a place we can store his bike until we are able to figure out what we are going to do with it. If Anyone has ANY ideas, we would be ever so grateful for any help we can get. Thanks again, safe travels to all....

MountainMan 4 Dec 2012 01:00

There is a contact under the HU communities for San Salvador, which is 100km away. It's a bit of distance, but if the contact is active, it can be useful to get in touch with someone local.

Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers' Community - Contact a Community!

As far as storage, as a stop gap measure, I'd find any traveller hotel that has a courtyard or a garage nearby. They are typically used to travellers dropping in and either have or can recommend a reasonably safe place to store items temporarily. Here's one that came up under search, can't comment on how nice it is but likely worthwhile as a starting point.

La Casa de Mamapan in Ahuachapán, El Salvador - Lonely Planet

I hope he's ok and everthing works out.

cpaulson 4 Dec 2012 04:41

thanks for the help

Sjoerd Bakker 4 Dec 2012 20:09

So sorry to hear about your friend's crash. If a broken femur is his only major injury it is not the worst . Bones will mend ,given time.
If you are still looking for a place to store the bike for a while after it is released by the police and you want to avoid having to truck it to San Salvador it might be worth investigating the Hotel San Jose in Ahuachapan I stayed there in 2003, . They are a very small local hotel, nothing fancy but they might be willing to allow storage in their secure courtyard area or maybe even in a shed there for a time untill other arrangements can be made. No point in trucking long distances untill an actual plan is developed later.
Hotel San Jose is located on the southwest corner of the plaza you find on Calle 6 Pte, which is the in-city route of highway CA 8 as it travels across town north of the major business center.
As I said nothing fancy so it would not cost a mint. The front entry doorway is signed and is simply a driveway entrance between a row of shops.

marior97 5 Dec 2012 14:31

storage place
I will head to Ahuachapan this afternoon and offer him to transport and storage the bike for whatever time he needs.

chris 6 Dec 2012 09:00

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