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WorldRider 29 Sep 2005 22:07

Bike Service in La Paz, Baja California Sur
Hey blew my shock on one of the crazy dirt, rock and washboard roads in Baja California and am having a shock shipped to DHL office in La Paz. I'm looking for someone who can help me put the shock on and get me on the way. I've been hobbling south from Coco's Corner on my pogo stick of a suspension on my 650 dakar... any recommendations?

skip 3 Oct 2005 00:22

There is only one real bike shop in La Paz, this is Nosigla sport, its not to far out of the main city, the address is 29 Av Costanera,Calacoto. They are very freindly and helpfull, i will be heading out to La Paz on the 13 of Nov, i will be fitting a new rear shock to my Tenere which is being stored at the Nosigla's store at the moment, if your about then no prob's i will give you a hand, but if not the staff there will. Skip

WorldRider 3 Oct 2005 00:39

Skip - We are talking La Paz Baja? Mexico? I did run into Motos Baja, a Honda dealer on the main drag as you come into town from (1) - My shock was in Mexico City on Friday. Saturday was back in states in Louisville. Now UPS says it won't be here till Wednesday. Good God! This is adventure, isn't it?


skip 4 Oct 2005 03:20

Hi mate
Sorry i don't know what i was thinking,
I did wonder how you were going to ride all the way to Bolivia with a broken rear shock.
Really sorry i can't help good luck.Skip

Kpick 4 Oct 2005 10:34

The two shops that were discussed are the only two in town. I'm living in LaPaz part-time now and will be flying there on Tues. the 4th. If you need anything let me know. (It is possible that I can pick up something for you at the local BMW shop here in the States and have it to you by Tues night). Send me an email to: kpick01@yahoo.com
Just let me know if you need anything. I’d be happy to help.

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