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kidcalavera 7 Jun 2005 18:26

Avoiding bad gas problems in mexico...
Is bad gas (i'm referring to gasoline, i know eating some bad tamales here and there is unavoidable..) a problem?,,...if so can i do anything to prevent giving my bike problems?....i';m thinking to buy a new f650 dakar and i hear they can be sensitive to low-grade gasolines. what do i do if i have a problem? just siphon out the gas and replace it asap?......

richardb 8 Jun 2005 01:38

you almostcertainly won't have any problems. I went through Mexico on the same bike last year, and it was fine. Just make sure its unleaded and you're good.


BMBaxter 8 Jun 2005 08:20

In the more rural areas of Mexico,gasoline is often stored in 55 gallon drums.The gas is then scooped out with a tin can or plastic cup.I've had good luck using a basic plastic inline fuel filter.Also,it's always a good idea to fill up whenever you have a chance.Most locals tend to fill up on Saturday mornings.So,by Saturday afternoon the gas stations are often sold out.This means that you will have to wait until Monday,or Tuesday for the next tanker delivery.Also Gas stations in smaller towns tend to be closed on Sundays.Be aware that Pemex stations are cash only in most of Mexico.

Hltoppr 8 Jun 2005 08:46

Most larger towns have Pemex stations with 89/91 octane unleaded, while the low grade is 87 octane. (Ironically, low grade in New Mexico, USA is 85 octane...).

I've never had a problem with bad gas, and have even bought it out of 1 gallon bleach jugs before. If you are worried, take along a couple of filters for the bike and a funnel with a fine screen.

Or, of course, you could just take an old, tried and true Honda XR650L, which I think would run on anything sometimes...


AndyT 8 Jun 2005 09:57

On one trip through Mexico I rode with a guy on a R1100GS while I was on a KLR650. We always filled up at the same places, yet there were 2 times when my bike ran like crap on a load of gas and his was OK. We theorized that his electronic fuel injection was compensating somewhat. In both cases my bike lost power and knocked, but I just took it light on the throttle till I burned off enough to fill up again.

You're on your own with the tamale induced gas....

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MoroCycler 9 Jun 2005 00:49

Avoid old gas stations, never buy in a gas station where you see a pipetruck downloading "fresh" gas to the underground tanks.
When buying from rural re-salers, always put a handkerchief (paƱuelo) in your tank mouth to filter all dust, but first see if it contains no water.
The octane ratings of Mexico do not fit exactly with the US, think about substracting up to 5 points to the rating advertised in the pump.

In small towns the Hi-Octane type could be pretty old since very few people buy it, so maybe the lo-octane could be a better choice.


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