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brianb 12 Dec 2012 16:21

05 KLR for for sale Playa del Carmen, MX
05 KLR 8700 miles. great shape 4,000 US. Pm me. I will be here for two weeks to show it.

MikeMike 12 Dec 2012 22:46

Is it fully Mex registered for Quintan Roo?
All the tenenicas are paid up with a current plate?

brianb 13 Dec 2012 12:45

I think we hadthisconversationlastyear.
I gave up my fm3 visa because I don't spend much time here and it wasn't worth the hassle. After 5 years migration told me to apply for an fm2 but I am not here long enough for that.
Without the fm3 the bike is not legal.

I have three options
Keep the bike
Sell it and transfer at the border in chetumal
Locals here saytheycanregister it for 400us.

When I brought the bike back into MX from belizea few years agotheytoldme in Qroo ididnothavetoimportitsoididnt

That's the story .
I havebeenundertheimpressionthat it's oktouseithere in Qroo but icouldhaveproblems traveling to a different state . Without the fm3 I can not import it since now I am a lowly tourist. I can drive it down to chetumal ans import it but then I have to take it back out.

Any advice


MikeMike 13 Dec 2012 13:20

Too bad you ditched the FM, they have made some changes to the migration policies and you probably would have qualified for something.
I seem to recall this from the last year, too.
I would pay the money and plate it and register it and maybe you can bypass the tenenicas and offer a real bargain to someone.

brianb 13 Dec 2012 16:02

The easiest thing may be to get another residence visa. I let it go because they wanted me to stay in MX. While they processed it for a month. I still have to work in the US so I couldn't stay the month.
I heard they are making changes to the visa so I will see what happens.
I remember fondly passing thru your area. I rode thru MX city,Puebla and was surprised coming out of the mountains on my way to cordoba by the lushest green valleys I have seen.

MikeMike 14 Dec 2012 05:03

Thats the area, alright!
Try asking about the changes, it might work for you this time around.

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