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rogersboyz 13 Sep 2007 03:29

WTB: Pannier brackets for quart water bottle
Does anyone know who makes a strap/bracket to allow you to attach a quart-sized water bottle to the end of a motorcycle pannier? Thanks. Jeff Rogers - Irvine, CA

Biggus 14 Sep 2007 03:07

Check out Touratech. They have a double bottle and single bottle set up that holds MSR Bottles. Nice set up. I have 2 of the doubles with 4 33oz MSR Bottles waiting to mount to a top case but that is on backorder for the last 2 months.

AndyT 14 Sep 2007 03:35

Bicycle waterbottle cages and bottles are cheap and easy.

Lone Rider 14 Sep 2007 03:57


Originally Posted by AndyT (Post 150500)
Bicycle waterbottle cages and bottles are cheap and easy.

Yeah, but they are....."cheap and easy". :)

Frank Warner 14 Sep 2007 05:34


Originally Posted by AndyT (Post 150500)
Bicycle waterbottle cages and bottles are cheap and easy.

Yep. The gages should be the one piece plastic ones .. the cheap metal ones will fall apart.
The bottle are best with wide mouths. And a cover over the top to help keep most of the mud off.

They are much more rugged than those camel back thingys.. and cost less too.

Hindu1936 5 Oct 2007 16:47

Hey Frank, we just went to wal-mart and bought two of their jogging belt pouches with water bottle pouches on both sides. I mounted clips on the panniers and can fasten the pouches, tuck in the belts and everything is ready to ride. The Old Woman's camel back straps on the top of the top box with the fishing rod, but the pouches detach and can strap around the waist for hiking in the cities sightseeing, or if she has to hike the 75 km to the next town to get gas, she can carry plenty of water, leaving the other camel back and the tent for me to rest in the shade.

MikeS 5 Oct 2007 17:11

I got one of those 12 can sized collapsable 'cooler' boxes from WalMart or someplace for $10. I could get 1.5L water bottles in there and if they were cold when I bought them, they would stay cold for quite a while. If you are carrying water outside your panners in a hot country, it will get pretty undrinkable very quickly. I just strapped the cooler box on my rear rack and it also has a shoulder strap for carrying.

If you can get access to a freezer, its also a good idea to freeze the box (they contain those freezer gel packs) and the water the night before so the next day, you have chilled water for hours when you are riding.

But they are also good for keeping beer cold!

Hindu1936 6 Oct 2007 07:09

Yep Mike, I picked up one of the 12 can coolers for two-bits at a yard sale. Fits right in the hump bag and I have one of those tiny fridge units I think were orginally made for British RVs that fits in the bottom of my hump bag. by making a little tin case for it and 4 plastic feet glued in place, I can plug it into the cigarette lighter and keep my cola frosty all day and night. I have an auxillary battery mounted under the seat and it is set up so as to run all the accessories and will never touch the starter battery but will be recharged first when the engine starts and the meter shows 70% charge on the main. Scooters and the automatic transmission will not start no matter how fast the Old Woman pushes. Dead battery means a long walk so that is why we have two.

When the cold cola is all gone out of the pouches we can jpull some out of the "fridge", put them where we can reach them and put more in the "fridge" Just have to remember to unplug it at night or the damned thing will freeze everything.

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