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ChubbyKid 30 May 2008 11:50

What riding gear for North India in August?
Hi. In August I am renting an Enfield in Delhi and riding up to Leh. However I am a little worried that my current gear, a Spada textile suit, will be too warm. It's fine for the UK and Europe but i start to get uncomfortable once the temperature nears 30 celcius. From what i've read, the northern plains of india in august will be bastard hot, and i don't deal with heat well so i'm considering getting some warm weather gear. I will also encounter cold conditions on the high passes of the manali-leh highway but i am not so worried about that as i can layer up and dont mind the cold. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I was looking at the hein gerike air? I guess it's good in heat, but i'm assuming not waterproof and might be a bit rubbish at altitiude. The Akito Desert looks like it may be a better all rounder. I dont want to spend too much, £200 all in, as it will probably only be used for hot weather trips, so the BMW gear is not an option! I'd be interested to hear from anyone with experience of the HG Air or Akito Desert clothing? Thanks.

exrm193 31 May 2008 15:01

Tee Shirt
Body Armour
MX shirt

Job done.

ChubbyKid 1 Jun 2008 21:52

Whilst that would offer impact protection, surely it would offer virtually no abrasion resistance?

Tried the HG Air suit on at the weekend and it did seem as if it would be very good in the heat without compromising protection. I wonder if i can squeeze two jackets in my bag:confused1:

lork 2 Jun 2008 00:08


Body armor

i went up and down india this way. Dont worry too much about abrasion. you wont go fast on your road to leh. But you will get cold without odlo underwears or similar. Get a good jumper, a rain coat ( i have a foxracing enduro jacket, many big pockets, camelback hole and lots of zippers to let the air flow or not) a polar shirt and you should be ok.
It is only 2 days ride until you reach the cooler hillsides.So you may go only with warm gear, but if you get stuck in traffic..and you will this could be hell.
i also had a leather jacket..drove 2000 km with it thru radjasthan. Then i got my friends to send me my armor from switzerland. The choice was easy i sent the leather jacket back home.
Up in the mountains you will enjoy your ride much more if your bike is with as little luggages as possible, and a second jacket will take a lot of room.

Cheers !!

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