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dabarley 13 May 2010 16:24

Wanted: Overland clothing
I'm heading over Europe, Central Asia, Mongolia and Russia this summer. Its going to be boiling hot. It going to be freezing cold. I need some gear but am on a (tight) budget!!

Does anyone have anything they are willing to let go second hand or hire for the trip?

I am 6 ft 1 and 38 chest. I usually take 'medium' and if longer cuts are available that is better.

Not sure what would be best. Something with lots of venting and that is NOT black!! I can take waterproof overalls so not overly fussed.



Selous 14 May 2010 12:52

Mate would suggest you go to the Army & Navy,
they have 2nd hand gear, or try the odd boot sale.

I also noticed that Lidl still have some cycling gear left, the cycling gear is the same material, as what we use as base layers long sleeved & short.

Aldi are also doing them. worth a look see,

unfortunately i am only 5ft5 so none of my spear gear would fit

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