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Les 18 Jul 2003 11:37

Travel info about Australia
I'm looking fo a website that I can request a travel info package on Australia. I can find several sites where I can see info online but I want to have a map and travel book to read!

Charles Carter 8 Aug 2003 07:42

Les: I found Peter Thoeming's book "Motorcycling in Australia" very interesting and informative, I rode some of his recomended bike trips and found them to be as good as he said. He is an editor of a major Australian bike magazine and has good knowledge of all aspects of motorcycling "down under". It is also an entertaining read and worth buying even if you don't end up riding in Australia. I bought it thru Whitehorse press @ www.whitehorsepress.com I got my maps from the Australian equivilent of the AAA which had a reciprical agreement with the CAA and they didn't cost me anything. In New South Wales it is the NRMA. Ride Safe.

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