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jklotz 30 Oct 2004 21:32

Sleeping bag question
Howdy! I am heading down to Central and South America shortly, and had a question. My sleeping bag is rated 15 degrees, and if it is not below 45, you sweat like crazy. Should I get a warm weather bag for the trip? Idealy I'd pack one of each, but space is limited already, and I believe I'm going to be limited to 1. Suggestions?

Ben R 31 Oct 2004 08:19

Take your bag and but a fleece blanket for the warm nights they are very small look in sporting goods dept.

Mick O'Malley 31 Oct 2004 11:28

Hi Jklotz

On my trip to S. America I took a two season sleeping bag, a fleece liner and a cotton sleeping bag sheet. The latter two are small and light and gave me great flexibility for the variety of night time temperatures I encountered

If it gets really cold you can always keep your socks on and put your bike jacket over the bag. What's under you makes a difference too. I used a Thermarest which was fine even when I woke up to thick frost on the flysheet.

Enjoy your trip.


vincent danna 12 Apr 2005 17:26


try valandre sleeping bags, a must :-)


happy travels

htdb33 12 Apr 2005 18:57

find an Army surplus store and look for a "poncho liner". they are very light and will pack compactly. They are a perfect top cover in cool but not cold weather.

Yankee Dog

Maverick Bubble 13 Apr 2005 00:58

i take to micro sleeping bags, sleep in one when it is hot, and put one inside the other when its colder, they compress to roughly size of a large can of beer(slightly larger)

Works for me

london bubble

backofbeyond 13 Apr 2005 01:34

For years I've been using a Rab down filled bag with a full length zip down one side . When it's cold I use it as a normal sleeping bag but unzip it and use it as a throwover when it's hot.

Ian 13 Apr 2005 02:01

My solution - similar to some of the others - a 2 season down-filled sleeping bag (mine's made by Rab) and a silk sheet sleeping bag, on a lightweight therm-a-rest. All pack down really small - the silk bag to about the size of a tennis ball. As has been said above, you can always make use of your riding gear if it's really cold. I also take a cotton pillow case and stuff it with clothes for sleeping on.

Mombassa 10 May 2005 22:08

Maverick, what bran of micro bag do you have?



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