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stevesawol 11 Feb 2008 17:50

Rukka Steel Jacket
Does anyone have any experience with this particular jacket?

Rukka would normally be priced right of my list but the Steel is an end of line model so there's plenty around for very reasonable prices. (250 EUR) The only bother is it will be by mail order and i haven't seen the jacket in flesh.

I've tryed a few other models on for sizing etc but...

My only real concern is the lack of ventilation for summer continent riding? Will it be too hot?

I want a jacket for riding all year round/ all weather. For the cooler months The Rukka Steel i think will be the ducks nuts, just summer concerns me. maybe a seperate jacket brought later in summer to cope with the higher temps? or find a better vented jacket? I think this a really good deal for a top end jacket.

Thoughts/ experience?

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