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flashy_cj 10 Apr 2006 00:18

Perhaps another silly question
My wife and I are in the final stages of preparing for our RTW from China to Baja. We have a Chinese Chang Jiang sidecar rig so space is not so limited but we are packing quite a bit of camping gear since we plan to camp as much as possible.

The question is "What about chairs or stools"? I seem to remember that there was a post and many said that they never used chairs or stools. Maybe its an excuse but we are 64 and the prospects of sitting on the ground is not a pleasing one.

I would appreciate any advice about your experience, product or alternative solution suggestions, etc.



Ekke 10 Apr 2006 00:50

Kayak Chairs
We camped for a year in Europe where the campgrounds don't have picnic tables at each site. Knowing this, we brought along a roll up table and a couple of chairs we bought at a kayak shop. The legs are made of aluminium and with a waterproof fabric for the seat. The back is made from another couple of aluminium poles and folds in with the legs when not in use. Very comfortable, light and compact. For in the tent we used Thermarest chairs that convert the Thermarest pads into very comfortable lounge chairs. We were totally comfortable for the entire year!

If you go to our website, www.ekke-audrey.ca and go to Chapter 3 you will see a picture of our camping setup when you scroll down a little.

You are not crazy for wanting to be comfortable while camping!

ct_miller13 10 Apr 2006 06:28

Thermarest chairs
I've used the Thermarest chairs and the chair conversion for the sleeping pad for years and both are quite comfortable. The rool up aluminum chairs are nice to keep you off the ground in wet and muddy conditions. www.campmor.com, www.sierratradingpost.com, www.aerostitch.com and www.touratech.com all have a nice selection of the chairs your considering. Being that space is not too much of a concern , I would go with the roll up aluminum type. Hope this helped. Best of luck with you excursion.

Bill Ryder 10 Apr 2006 18:54

Folding chairs
We traveled by sidecar the length of USA and quite a ways in mexico. I found some folding chairs that fit inside the sidecar which worked quite well. We had sleeping pads that were home made and fit into cases which became the sidecar seat. The only problem was when we strarted setting up camp the other car and truck campers were so amazed with what we were carrying they hung around talking for hours.

flashy_cj 11 Apr 2006 00:46

Thanx All
Janet and I go to Beijing on Friday to pick up the bike, where it has been since January, and get a chance to ride it back to Changchun (just over 1000 kms). For the first time we will be able to try different packing strategies to find a way to get all the stuff in and oin the bike. I am convinced and my wife is relieved, to know that we will be able to sit and eat/talk/relax/commiserate in comfort rather than just hunker down on the ground

As always, your advise and experience is greatly valued.


brettsyoung 17 Apr 2006 16:48

Camping Stool
I have always strapped on a small Coleman stool. It's a mini-sized thing - I expect there are heaps of brands. No matter how inconvenient or bulky it seems, it is one of the few things that I use virtually every day. Then again, I'm talking of touring in places without campsites and furniture etc. Your trip certainly fits that bill.

What makes a trip a good one? One where the worst times are made bearable. Just think a flat tyre in the pouring rain and sticky mud in the middle of nowhere - and you sitting on your chair under your umbrella with a cup of tea.

mj 4 May 2006 11:20

Since we usually travel two-up our possibilities are limited. However I managed to fit two of these on the back of my bike, next to the tent:


Pretty comfortable yet sometimes the ground seems more comfortable (rarely though), but they keep us dry and sometimes can be quite useful. Dirt cheap (5€ each) so in case of loss, damage, theft, etc. not a big loss.

flashy_cj 5 May 2006 00:31

We bought them
Janet and I just came back from one of the many street markets here in Changchun and while strolling along, lo and behold, we found two folding chairs. They fold up to about 3-4" in diameter and about 26" long, Chinese made with carry case for $7.50 each. A real bargain.

Thanx all, they will make some days (or rainy ones) much more comfortable.


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