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geordie_e 4 Feb 2008 22:22

looking for a quick dry clothes for camping
Hi Gang.

Got my 15 day trip to Finland coming up and need some advice.

CLOTHING ! Last year went to Sweden and too far too many clothes !

I now own a good mesh with armour jacket (if its too cold use a fleece and my waterproof jacket over the top). Now wearing Hardass jeans (again if its cold stick my waterproofs on) The reason for the cooler gear is that last year Sweden was red hot and I sweated my butt off !!

Heres where I need advice...

Tshirts and Undies, need to be quick drying and comfortable, also looking for a UK supplier...... oh and any other advice any one wants to give :-)


Birdy 4 Feb 2008 23:22

I know that everyones' selections are a little bit different to each other, but I would recommend:

Helly Hansen Lifa undershirts. Hardwearing, comfortable, and do their job come rain or shine. They also wash and dry in seconds, which fits your requirements.

I like to wear full leggings rather than underwear, it eradicates uncomfortable seams, and stops linings sticking to clammy or sweaty skin. The ones I'm using now are by EDZ, but there are loads of different ones out there for very little cash.

Link to some EDZ stuff - http://www.hideout-leather.co.uk/tag/edz/ . I don't normally go for advert speak, but they are as good as their promise 'keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer.' For 20 squid for the leggings, I think it is a bargain.

Brit army issue long johns are not as good, but still relatively comfortable (bit warm though,) for the bargain price of £3.99 on ebay.

I do believe someone recently (Grant?) recommended some underwear that he has been wearing but I can't remember where the thread was. If I have remembered correctly though, he couldn't speak highly enough of 'Brand X' underwear.

Happy Riding


Walkabout 4 Feb 2008 23:37

Some options

Originally Posted by Birdy (Post 172734)
recommended some underwear that he has been wearing
Happy Riding


I hope he washed them before passing them on!!

I vaguely recall that thread: I think it was about silk underwear (for us boys).

Anyway, my basic idea is wear synthetic stuff rather than cotton which can be cold (jeans are a good (i.e. bad) example of cotton outer wear) - some one else, somewhere and way back in time, offered the idea of taking all of your old skiddies and chucking them each day - by the end of the trip you have more room in your luggage for your "duty free goods".

Having said that, sods law says it will be freezing for you this trip, since you got the good times last time around :rolleyes2: I do hope not!!

Lone Rider 5 Feb 2008 00:54

5.11 Tactical
Nylon pants and shirts, not thin lingerie stuff either - overnight dry.

stuxtttr 5 Feb 2008 01:01

Yeah definatly stay away from cotton based products unless you are expecting a heat wave. I have not been to impressed with Hele Hensans latest tops they seem to make you sweat more than the older stuff. I have a berghaus thermal which has seen 10 years good use. I always wear long johns if its cold but found M&S to be pretty good. I always carry a spare top and bottoms they are great to sleep in if its cold.

Dont know much about the wool blend stuff but the merino based thermals seem to get good reviews and dont smell as bad. I want to try these next time but they are a bit more pricey.

Aldi and the other bugdet shops offer thermals at the moment top and long johns for less than £10 and the quality seems to be ok.

Flyingdoctor 5 Feb 2008 06:48

Rukka do some seamless underskiddies. My mate swears by them. Me I just wear what's on top of the pile as usual. I'm lucky I guess, as I don't suffer from "monkey butt", monkey breath, possibly, but I'm blessed with an iron butt. Anyway, a little bit of pain cleanses the soul. As they say "pain is just weakness leaving the body"

stevesawol 5 Feb 2008 07:30

"5.11 Tactical
Nylon pants and shirts, not thin lingerie stuff either - overnight dry."
For those hoping for a more peaceful trip; 5.11 tactical come in a civilian range called Royal Robins, though if you do need a a pocket for your tactical torch oh and a back up mag for your semi auto Glock hand gun; 5.11 is the way to go!

Get pair of nylon running or swin shorts that have the lining in them, wear them intead of underwear. you wash them in 20 seconds in the shower (when you get to one) and they'll be dry by morning. good to go. I used only two pairs for 4 months. worked like a charm.

For Grants recomendation Silk underwear works well but is a bit hard to get hold of other than Canada (It's a big seller there because of it's heavy fire regulations, polypropelene was banned there a years back for a fire hazard (never mind all your polar fleece and riding gear! or a tank full (hopefully!) of petrol)

royzx7r 5 Feb 2008 08:37

sorting out you old cruddy undies and socks before a trip is the way to go...you can leave a little bit of skid and sweat at all your stay over points.

This is a great way to save the planet. The poor locals can then re-use your cast offs for many years to come!

Happy days.


stevesawol 5 Feb 2008 10:21

Don't forget the Horizons Unlimited synthetic t-shirts!!:thumbup1: A good cause for sure!

Birdy 5 Feb 2008 12:34

5.11 tactical.

Isn't that the stuff that is sold at every USPX in the world? I'm sure I recognise the name from buying frenzies! I think I bought some of their trousers after an embarrassing heli incident left my crotch gaping. If it is, I remember being distinctly unimpressed with their longevity, and it makes you look like an off duty US soldier, or a PMC. Neither of which is a good look!

Like Steve said though you do get a quick release leg holster though, so it is horses for courses. I seem to remember mine also had a scabbard kind of thing on the calf, for those moments when you can't quite reach your boot knife. :thumbup1:

On the silk undie tack, it sounds very pimp, and I want to try some.

Happy Riding


stevesawol 5 Feb 2008 12:45

Yeah Joel; it would be a hell of a pick up line eh!? "Hi there cutie...my name is Bob, I ride motorcycles but i wear silk underwear...ggrrrr:D

Seriously though, it's very good on the odour front, it drys quickly, and offers reasonable warmth. If you wanted really warm underwear have a look at Merino wool thermals; No stink, warm when wet, and no itch. They don't dry as quick as silk but will keep you plenty warm when wet. for all but the hottest time of the year I always wear Icebreaker Merino thermals. It's not cheap (it's actually quite expensive) but you'll never want to take it off. Worth every cent ( or penny!)

geordie_e 5 Feb 2008 17:48

Hi Gang,

Many thanks for all the replys...

Not sure about throwing my skiddies away.. im a tight arsed git and hate throwing things away lol

Silk undies.... going to grab a pair and give them a trial run

Just thought, i bought some mountain gear.. cant remember the trade name but bought long sleeve and short sleeve, washed them and they took like 20 mins to dry. so thats my day/riding gear sorted.

evening wear.... got 3 pairs of zip off pants (pants that convert to shorts) so just need to find some good washable T- shirts

As for wearing army long johns, well after 23 years of them .. i think its time i became a full time civvy lol


Crusty 5 Feb 2008 20:43

Hit the sales!
Hi Geordie,

Cotswold Outdoor have a sale on at the moment, offer of the month might fit the bill for you!

They are also selling merino base layers for £20.00, which is a bargain. I have one by another maker and it's excellent but I've ordered one of these while they're going cheap.

As for undies, if I remember rightly Grant's post related to LDC comfort underwear. A lot of people like these as they are made for bikers but as far as I'm aware they are only available in North America. Pricy too.

If you manage to get a silk pair, let us know as I've not had much sucess finding any at a decent price.

Happy hunting, Cotswolds links below.


geordie_e 5 Feb 2008 21:03

Told the girlfriend tonight about this thread... silk undies :censored: Then her daughter started taking the mick about pink thongs !!! note to self... keep quiet from now on lol

Anyways, thanks for all the links, going to google silk undies


geordie_e 5 Feb 2008 21:19

Just found this link

Thai Silk Clothes - Silk Boxer Shorts

what do you think ? buy 3 and get 4 works out to £33 incl del


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