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Mermaid 4 Oct 2011 18:30

Long enough water proof over trousers
Can anyone recommend any waterproof overtrousers that come in slightly longer leg length?
I find on the usual (cheap!) ones I've tried that when I sit on the bike the overtrousers end up half way up my shins. The bottom of my trousers then get soaked (I wear them outside my boots) and the wet gradually works it's way up until I get cold, wet legs - not nice!
Some of them appear quite long in the leg but the crutch is low so as you soon as you straddle the bike the legs themselves are way too short.
Any suggestions? I don't mind paying a bit more if I have to.

trackdayrider 4 Oct 2011 21:03

If you find some let me know - at 37" inside leg I have a similar problem. I have a Hein Gericke one piece waterproof that is pretty much ok, but as usual most clothing manufacturers appear to equate tall to fat! and its a bit on the large side! lol

I have read somewhere about a company that do made to measure bike textile stuff, but can't remember where

Austin 4 Oct 2011 21:08

I have been using Rev'It "curve" overtrousers for the past 4-5 years. They are plenty long enough for my normal 34" inside leg in size XXL and therefore nioce and roomy over leathers. Easy on/off and the best and easiest ankle closure I have come across. Waterproof for about 18months to 2 years then I replace them.

Mermaid 18 Oct 2011 13:43

Thanks guys. At the moment I use walkng gaiters as well as overtrousers - it keeps me dry but takes three times as long to get on and off!
Apparently ABR will review overtrousers/jackets soon so I'll see what they have to say.

Harty 18 Oct 2011 20:03

I use these British Army Desert Camo Goretex overtrousers. They work really well and are cheap as well, these are a 35" inside leg. The first 2 digits in army sizing is the inside leg in cm's.

NEW Desert Camo Goretex Waterproof Trousers 90/92/108 | eBay

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