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mahajim 3 Jun 2009 18:27

kevlar jeans
hi all
i have been looking for some more protective jeans for summer and all year round under oilskins when whether dicktates it so.
have looked at
draggin and red route
they look good and there is lotes of tests/reports about the draggin but less about the red route. the sizes are beter as they do 3 leg lenths as standerd not just 34in leg.
has any one had or got some red route gear and how do you find then.

Jake 3 Jun 2009 20:05

I have a new set (worn twice) of HOOD (Made in England) kevlar jeans, with the extra hip and knee armour that can be fitted or removed easily this is in addition to the kevlar. The jeans are the concept 6 jean with knitted aramide (cooler and lighter than woven) these are size 32waist - 32leg (will fit a 34 waist as they are loose fitting and generously long) and are for sale if your interested. I have also had the Hood k7 jeans but found them very heavy and very hot in the summer months thats why I bought the lighter concept 6 ones. However find I never really wear them and they have sat in my cupboard for ages. I would take £50.00 which includes all the extra armour and postage in the UK. far cheaper than you could buy a set and the extra armour. check out the website Welcome
pm me if your interested jake

Hustler 3 Jun 2009 20:29

I've no experience of Draggin and to be honest haven't heard of Red Route but in case it helps any decision making, I wear Hood virtually all the time and recommend them.

Manx 3 Jun 2009 21:26

I have a pair of Hood concept 6 jeans. They are good. But I only ever wear them on really hot days. So maybe 6 times a year in the uk...

One thing I have found is that the kevlar on the bottom makes them a bit prickly on the backside. So long rides are not too comfortable. Next time I plan to wear some cycle shorts underneath to see if that helps.

mahajim 3 Jun 2009 22:50

hi thankyou for the replys
sounds like a good deal jake but to big im only small thats half the problem.
been on the hood jeans website look and sound good and made in britan.
now just to work out the fit and style.
thankyou for puting me on to them

Flyingdoctor 4 Jun 2009 07:38

I've been wearing my Hood jeans exclusively for the past 4 years, they're perfect for the type of touring I do. Together with Altberg lace up boots they work well. i've also got a pair of the Army greens which I wore in the desert in California last year. It's amazing how cool the kevlar keeps you even in 100f + temps. I prefer the flat weave kevlar as opposed to the "wooly" finish though.

They're a great company to deal with.

Duncan Donutz 4 Jun 2009 15:07


Halvarssons/Jofama are worth checking out - they do three types of excellent jeans that appear to outperform draggin jeans in the usual tests.

Got a pair in the UK for about £80 without armour, although can get a pair with armour in for closer to £100.

Worn them every day since getting them and would recommend. About to use them for a 5k mile trip to Turkey and back so should definitely know how good they are by then.

photographicsafaris 4 Jun 2009 20:10

I've had a pair of Draggin jeans (cargo pants style) for over 3 years and used them exactly as you intend to.
They are overly reassuring, I am sure if you were to waterski down a road you wouldnt have any worries from rash at all.
But if you did hit anything directly solid you wont have as much protection as leathers.

I am fairly sure that they are all the same, but try them on as the cuts are different, so try them on. Ideally get a size larger than you want and wear protective padding (motorcross style) underneath. I dont... but I probably should.

Hein Gericke do excellent padding and well worth adding to any pockets in the jeans.

Cheers G

Jake 4 Jun 2009 21:41

Sizes for the hood jeans just so you know I actually ordered a size down from my normal jean size ( I normally wear 34/32 slim fit and am 33 waist) the Hood jeans I have are a 32/32 and are still a loose fit and are perfectly comfortable even with the additional hip armour fitted, if no armour was to be fitted and if your a slim fit you could almost go down one size again as they really are a baggy loose fit which is very comfortable when sitting on the bike without cutting in. I however find off the bike they are still warmer and heavier than my lightweight armoured summer trousers/cargo pants(BMW). Mind you i think the kevlar lining would offer more protection.

SeanC 10 Jun 2009 06:30

Jeans for sale still?
Adventure 950,

Are your jeans still for sale?

Will be back in the UK in about 10 days and can send you a UK cheque before then if still available.



Henn 10 Jun 2009 08:30

I can vouch for Draggin jeans. I tested them and they work. I'd hope all other jeans with good slabs of kevlar in them would too.

Most important is to try different brands on to decide what you need. I accidentally ordered the wrong Draggin model (tried one, forgot name, ordered another) and the cut isn't quite as nice or comfy.


dbg 10 Jun 2009 14:32

I had a pair of Draggin Jeans (laydee style, apparently - not the most flattering item ever!) for a 6 month trip and holes have appeared on the knees, AND I didn't fall off too many times :stuart: !

I added the Hein Gerike hiprotech armour as I felt a little unprotected around the knees n hips - just sewed in an extra bit of cotton to fix them onto. I prob won't buy another pair but may take out the kevlar and sew it onto a new pair of jeans - they're pretty comfy but no good in those Atlas Mt/Czech downpours! Sooo, as far as I'm concerned, they're pretty good for a trip as you can stroll about in them, but they don't stand the test of time!

mahajim 11 Jun 2009 20:03

hi all
thankyou for the ideas and feed back all very helpful
i have not loong orded some Hood K7 looked about right
will let you know how they work out

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