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Smokin 4 Jan 2012 19:46

Gore-Tex jacket
Hey guys,

I have some good body armour but I'm looking for a new jacket. Should I get something specifically for bike riding, like a 600d adventure jacket, or will a Gore-Tex jacket be suitable? How do they compare to adventure jackets, in terms of durability?


oothef 4 Jan 2012 20:24

I don't think they do, hill/mountain gortex is made for walking about and the wear and tear that inflicts, bike jackets should be made for a trip, or two, at speed, down the road.
I've worn waterproofs over protective gear but I don't think it would have come out of a crash very well.

kentfallen 12 Jan 2012 19:26

You need a proper Motorcycle jacket. Go for a BIG size and one with armour (back, shoulders and elbows).

Don't worry too much about waterproofing - if you already have a hill walking goretex jacket simply wear it underneath your purpose made bike jacket.

I have NEVER found a motorcycle jacket that is 100% waterproof in any case (and I have used expensive (over-priced) BMW jackets too).

I use a lightweight 1 layer Pac-Light Goretex jacket under my Teknic Freeway jacket and it is 100% waterproof.

For a budget (cost effective) buy try to get a M/C jacket with armour for about £100.

DO NOT RIDE WITH JUST A HILL WALKING/MOUNTAIN JACKET!!!!! If you come off you won't have much skin left.


Fantastic Mister Fox 12 Jan 2012 20:07

This one comes highly recomended.

adventure spec adventure race motorcycle clothing klim traverse jacket

It's designed to be worn with armour I believe.

Generally I take goretex as a mark of quality, as generally comes with a 5 year garuntee, but for motorcycle jacket you want cordoura aswell because of the abrasion restisance from a fall.

I'm sure there are other products/ materials that work just aswell as the big brand names, but sometimes you have to ask your self if your going to take the gamble??

_CY_ 12 Jan 2012 20:19

this video is why I ended up buying Roadcrafter suits

Aerostich Roadcrafter Damage after 80 MPH Crash - YouTube

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