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Laura Bennitt 18 Aug 2009 14:43

Frank Thomas Senegal Trousers - avoid
I bought a pair of these online from Earnshaws (Welcome to Earnshaws Motorcycle Dealers And Dainese Clothing Suppliers) for my trip round Europe.

They arrived with a small area of stitching needing mending - I would have sent them back but being the disorganised muppet I am there wasn't time.

I wore them for a 4-month trip round Europe, most days, but frequently with waterproofs over the top as it pissed it down for about 50% of the trip! I binned them as soon as I got back - they were basically disintegrating!

- the stitching at the zip and the waist adjustment was starting to go - bear in mind I lost weight on the trip so they were under no strain at all
- the padding on the pockets for the knee pads was making a desperate bid for freedom as the fabric frayed into nothing
- two (fairly large) holes appeared in the backside where the stitching gave way - very glad I never had to test how it would have held up in a crash
- the fit wasn't great - knee pads not at the same height in each leg, so while the left one was fine the right caught on my kneecap when I walked; also the Frank Thomas hip-pads I bought to go with them only fitted in the pocket on one side not the other

I know they were relatively cheap (£80), and I wore them every day, but bear in mind that the Richa jacket I've owned for 2 years before the trip and also wore every day is showing no signs of wear whatsoever
(well, apart from going a bit purple in the sun).

I know others have liked these (I found enough good reviews to buy them myself after all) but I will be steering clear of Frank Thomas in future!


Alexlebrit 18 Aug 2009 19:30

Oh :( See Alex rush to the website where he ordered these only 3 hours ago. Mind you if I do have to accept them I'll be taking a damn hard look at them in all these areas to see if there's any weak points.

Laura have you contacted Frank Thomas direct about any of these issues, like you I'd read a bunch of good reviews maybe you got a Friday afternoon pair?

Jake 18 Aug 2009 20:48

Laura I can suggest some trousers that I have found to be excellent and of a similar type to those you have thrown away I have had my pair for over three years used the an awful lot for several trips and they are still in as new condition. I hate to say it they are from the BMW range but wait !!! they are not expensive are very airy and cool, comfortable made of good quality cordura not in the slightest bit waterproof or windproof - but there again that's what over trousers are for they come with armour however I upgraded and put extra armour in the hips area. they are BMW summer trousers or city pants they are a cargo type trouser the summer pants have zip off legs for when off the bike to make them in to rather unbecoming shorts the city pants are a straight cargo trouser. Protection levels are moderate to medium but they are strong, and the armour is good and in the right places. They cost about £120.00 ish from good ol BMW dealers or often a lot less on e bay.

Andysr6 21 Aug 2009 10:21

Hi Laura, you may have been unlucky and got a 'Friday afternoon' set. Both myself and my son recently used them on a 2 month on/off road bike tour and they were excellent. We were more fortunate than yourself and only put the waterproofs on 35 mile from Glasgow. We were in Albania about a week after you, i would love to see your pics, have you posted photos of your trip? Andy

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