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The Raven 8 Jul 2009 12:07

For Coffee...Aeropress
Hey everyone,
I've just thought I would give a review of a great coffee maker. The aeropress. Basically, it is a reverse french press. The technology is simple drop a filter in, add a bit of water, stir about 12sec, press out the concentrate, and dilute to make regular coffee. I was always at a miss when in the back country without my good house coffee. Now I can have great coffee anywhere.

The funniest part, it's made by a frisbee company in California. That and it's only $30usd

Niva Say Never 9 Jul 2009 18:50

I can second that, they're great!!
I'm a tea man, but my sister swears by it when we're away. She's experimented with a few different types on the road, but has settled on the Aeropress for sure now. It's small, indestructible, makes minimal waste and takes seconds to clean........& i don't have to deal with a sister who hasn't had her coffee in the morning.......RESULT!!!

Happy travels

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