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karellevrau 29 Dec 2002 20:13


Does anyone has a good used ENGEL-FRIDGE for sale ?
Answer via e-mail please .


Tifinagh 8 Aug 2010 13:30

Hi. I am researching 4 x 4 fridge-freezer options for a friend in Northern Mali. He wants a small, (20 Litre max) fridge, 12/240 V +gas, with a thermostat, for use in the space between & behind the driver/ passenger seats ...
I want to be able to recommend one to him, but I can't seem to find exactly what he's looking for.. (Maybe cos of my bad searching, but hey, I knows nathin' 'bout these things!....)
Can anyone recommend a fridge to those specifications, please?
Has anyone experience of sending a fridge to West Africa ? What's the best way ? Can it be bought on-line and sent/ delivered directly from the retailers, same as buying stuff on Amazon etc., ?
and Thank you,

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