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Old 11 Oct 2006
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I ended up going for the Airoh S4 and am very happy with it. Bit noisy and am sure the Arai would be quieter but then I wont be going much over 60mph anyway. Really comfi and the visor seals well enough. The lightest helmet I've felt. Only £100 for the plain colour or £120 for the slightly more colourful one.

So my final verdict:
Airoh S4 - Good value for money and will do the job
Arai - too expensive for what you get. If I had no option I would rather take my Shoei XR1000 than pay for the tourX
BMW Enduro - Still not in shops...you snooze you loose.
HJC CL-XS - Good fit but RUBBISH screen

Not available:
Shoei Hornet
If there's a will there's a way so I will anyway!
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Old 21 Jan 2009
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Hjc Cl-xs

I ended up getting the HJC CL-XS for £78 on ebay including postage.

So far so good, I can see why people are not raving about the screen, it has a few detents and in the fully up position with the shade raised as much as possible it is out of the way just and you can wear goggles. but would be better off removing the screen and lowering the sun shade.
One stop down with the shade is fully lowered and the sides of the screen are in your vision but directly ahead is not, however it is not the best option as you get caught focusing on the screen and then the infinity position.

One stop down it is fine and allows a good amount of breeze through, ideal pulling away from traffic lights. There is now an amount of visual distortion in the straight ahead position as you are looking through the screen at its most acute angle, hence refracting through the perspex (or whatever the plastic is made from) This is negligible and after three rides you learn to live with it.

Fully down the screen can be raised a crack, to allow a bit of air flow through or can be fully shut. This is fine from about 30MPH onwards UK winter.
The idea of the 2 mm gap when fully closed is because to remove the screen you raise it all the way and then pull it out. if you dont push it in all the way it will then close leaving the 2mm gap.

Anything above 75MPH and I wouldnt be completely happy with a Helmet with the sun shade bit. You can feel it pulling and when you raise your head at this speed it doesnt suddenly catch, but exerts more pull. This has been put into a practical situation when lorry drives past you at 70mph and you are going the other way with a lorry on the inside lane at 70mph there was a bit more buffeting than normal! A3 towards Stonehenge
Whats noticeable is that this helmet is rather light, again compared to the Schuberth C1 and my open face helmet.

In the rain the shape of the visor aids the running of rain droplets to the side of the visor at a lower speed than regular helmets, this was a great feature I was pleasantly surprised to find out, and sort of helps to overcome the slight distortion caused by this design

The chin gap is less than two fingers deep which I diddnt expect and I have a normal jaw!
The lining is removable and is of a kind of mesh and not foam which is great. It breathes very well and on the whole the helmet is very suited to warmer weather, the vents are either open or taped (by you) shut.

The helmet clamps on my head and I have to confess to being a bit claustrophobic, Its my first Full face helmet (Schuberth C1 and open helmet) but I am over that now.
However having spent a while inside a Kirby Morgan Mk17 Super light, the one with the spider strap that glue's your face to the waterproof seal (commercial diver) I was reminded of the same feeling when each spiders leg is stretched tight over your head. This helmet has a similar feeling with channels for the air flow that exert less pressure.
The ears pockets are remarkable vacant, and certainly give the feeling of being breezy, yet not too noisy.

I wear a Ruff, buff or whatever theyre called over my nose and it seals things good and proper around the neck to head area, but the face still gets some not too excessive venting. Obviously on a trip I would not have this on when trying to keep cool.

I got one in white because it goes equally well with any riding outfit, and looks great, however it requires allot more cleaning than a multi coloured helmet! ie a daily once over with a wet rag.
Though I am not a fan of the double D rings, mine came with them. I would much rather have a quick release buckle, but its something I can work around.

In conclusion
I like the helmet, I like it allot. I find it very comfortable, and ideal for warmer climates, the removable visor is great for road use, particularly in the winter months and you can use goggles for off road use as well.
I think it is well built, and certainly a durable helmet. Yes the more expensive hornet and tourX are better made, but considering that you replace the helmet once it has been used for what its there for, I am happier buying and falling off with this helmet 4 times rather than reusing the more expensive ones.

Next time around I may buy the Airoh S4 and see how it compares, for something differnt, but and I mean it seriously, I know that I can order this helmet at the drop of a hat (sorry) because its fits really comfortably and is all around great.

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Old 4 Feb 2009
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I have an Arai XD and LOVE IT! No problem on the highway at 90mph and great in the dirt. I wear my goggles with the visor attached again, no problems. Very comfortable for long distances. Here in the South Texas and Mexico heat it is ventilated very well.

It's pricey but the same as having a road helmet and having to carry around a dirt helmet. I sold both and paid for this one anyway. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My next helmet will be an Arai XD.
The Tomcat
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Old 4 Feb 2009
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Uvex Enduro

There's one more helmet that has not been mentioned here so far, the Uvex Enduro. It's also a dual purpose helmet with a removable visor. Here in Germany its sold for around 170 - 200€ depending on the colouring.

Here's a pic of the helmet:

I have bought one, but not really tested it yet, the weather here is sh*te, the streets are salted like a pickled hering, my dirtbike is not yet road registered and I'd feel a bit stupid wearing that thing an my speed triple.

But from looking at it seems to be well made. I can wear my googles with the visor attached and it takes about 20 seconds to take of the shade, deattach the visor and put the shade back on. You could also just deattach the shade if you have a lenghty strip of highway coming up.

Also the included visor comes lightly tinted and in white the helmet does look incredibly sweet

See ya on the road!

P.S.: Pics taked from FC-Moto.de - Motorradhelme, Motorradbekleidung, Jet Helme & Cross Helme where I bought mine.
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Old 8 May 2012
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Prana™ carbon

Old threat but just stumbled over it.

Kali Protectives PRANA™ CARBON should be taken into account.

Innovative technology made in the USA. I am not riding it myself but had a chance to have a look and feel at last years EICMA.

Just to clarify, I am not selling this Helmet, so its no advert for my shop. Just thought someone here might be interested.

All the best
from Scooter & Style
www.scooterandstyle.de Style, mit Sicherheit.
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Old 31 May 2012
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might be off topic slightly but my question is:

What are the pros and cons about such type of helmet.

I got an normal road Arai Chaser and love it.

But going on a world tour and I really wonder what is the difference, why is a touring dual purpose helmet more suitable?

I know the dual purpose has the lid thingy which means sun protection, but what else.
Might be obvious but I am missing the point.
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Old 2 Jun 2012
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Its personal preference, if you like the more open feel of a dirt type helmet and a peak then its probably what you'll stay with.
If you like a quiet and slick road helmet then thats your choice too.
Personally having used both I prefer the wider field of view of a dirt type lid and the ability to use goggles.
Yesterday evening I was riding into the setting sun and I could lower my head and use the peak to block the glare, with no peak it would have been uncomfortable if not dangerously blinding.
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Old 7 Jun 2012
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I have HJC cl xs for a good few years, and i had never had any problem with it, a small bit noisy in the wind, i have it so long now it is gone a bit loose and the seal around the voisor is starting to leak a bit. no problems at speed with the peak or in high winds, have a tinted voisor fitted looks great,
Just bought the same style helmet from my local Bike shop (clonmel motorcycles) a white Spada sting at a reasonable price, it very comfortable and looks good, have not fully tested it yet, waiting for a good wet day, which i wont have to wait very long here in Ireland, will let you know the out-come

Originally Posted by Bossies View Post
The following are similar hybrid MX and full face concept helmets where you get the benefit of good MX ventilation but with a conventional visor and with the option to use goggles when appropriate:

Aria Tour-x or XD
Shoei Hornet
Airoh Tyger
BMW Enduro

Question is have any of you used them and how did they perform? Any additions to the list? I have search and found comments on the Arai but none of the others...

Helmet selection does really come down to personal fit and a bargain bucket may feel more comfortable than the more expensive options but more information on robustness, ventilation etc would be helpful

As a side note: BMW had to delay their launch of their new Enduro helmet for two reasons: (1) Initial delay due to BMW sign being fitted slightly skew in the factory so all were recalled prior to selling; (2) You can now get XS-M sizes from some dealers but L and XL come in a different size shell and the machining tool for that size shell in their factory broke and had to be replaced hence the further delay for the larger sizes. I had a close examiniation of a M and they are the lightest helmet I have ever felt. Retailing at £225 for plain colours or £255 for patterns. At last some competition for Arai.
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Old 7 Jun 2012
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Hi Buebo,

Uvex is pulling out of the motorcyclegear market. It's a shame, they made pretty good stuff. Still got my winter pants and jacket, waterproof and warm. But obviously with the declining motorbike market, there is not enough money to be made.
Look after yours, it will last a long time.

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Old 29 Aug 2012
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Hi ,
Just to "throw" another helmet into the mix !

X-Lite 551 - Just ordered one of E -*ay should get it soon . Had an Arai Tour-X did'nt really get on with it , hard to say what - just did'nt fit . I have an Arai Quantum and it's great .
More recently I've had X-Lite and Nolan Flip Fronts ( I know pretty much the same helmet) which I've really liked , good build quality and (for my head) a pretty good fit . Mainly ordered the 551 because of the flip fronts - but I made the same mistake with the Arai .
Oh well we'll see ,
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Old 29 Aug 2012
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Fly Racing

I switched to a fly racing lid about 3 months ago. Good value at £99 on e-bay, works well at sensible/legal motorway speeds, is quiet enough to be comfortable after 8 hours riding and has a good field of vision. Only negative would be that the paint (dayglo yellow) is a bit thin and you can't get spare visors in the UK (made in Australia).

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