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mj 7 Nov 2010 12:57

Draggin Jeans C-Evo
Just read a short news article in a motorcycle magazine. Apparantly Draggin Jeans has introduced the first CE approved motorcycle jeans with kevlar lining as well as hip and knee armor. And since I'm looking for new pants anyway I'm very much interested in these.

I sorta love the idea of wearing something safe and solid without looking like a clown (I own a clown suite already but those years are over). Has anyone had the possibility to try them already? Or any other pair of Draggin Jeans? Are they worth their money (apparantly a pair of C-Evo pants will cost around 300€)? I'm fully aware that they're not waterproof at all, which is fine. I'm thinking about matching them with a waxed cotton jacket (Belstaff maybe). That way my mind will be at ease due to sufficient protection but I will still look 'normal' when off the bike.

Quandary 7 Nov 2010 19:34

Draggin Jeans
Hi mj

I wear the normal Draggin jeans and find them very comfortable with the reassurance that they will offer protection with the kevlar. They also come in a Cargo Pants style which looks even more normal and a little bit "dressed up"when you get off the bike.
My Wife used to wear either leather pants or normal jeans when we went 2up but has just recently purchased a pair of Draggin jeans as we are off on a 5 week trip.
Yeah sure they are not waterproof but we carry w/p over trousers in the top box for that.
I think the normal Draggin jeans are worth the money, havent seen the new ones yet so cant comment on those.


tmotten 7 Nov 2010 20:55

How do you find them in summer?

Quandary 7 Nov 2010 21:10

Draggin Jeans

Originally Posted by tmotten (Post 311852)
How do you find them in summer?

I live in Tropical North Queensland. Luckily not on the coast so I dont have the humidity, but............ It doesnt matter what you wear, in summer, on the coast up here you will melt. We try to avoid it from now until about March.
They are a bit warm but only when you have stopped. Sort of like wearing a pair of MoleSkins if you know what they are.
Overall I find them to be a good "all rounder" type of pants


Starbeck 8 Nov 2010 14:45

I bought a pair of the Draggin' Cargo Camo's. Wore them a few times then threw them in a drawer. I've recently thrown them away. They're crap. Not cheap either.
The seams around the crotch had started to come apart. And I don't have particularly large balls, nor do I spend ages scratching them.
The waist button had also popped off. Do yourself a favour, don't bother. Get some Levis.
Hein-Gericke do some armour plated underwear. Come to think of it, when I was younger, I may have dated the girl that INVENTED armour plated underwear.

barothi 6 Dec 2010 17:49

Putting knee and hip armour in jeans beats the purpose, you will just look ridiculous and be uncomfortable. I have a pair of Swedish made jeans, and the armour is a nuisance in them so I took them out. Wear leather trousers with armour or accept that you are going to get hurt if you fall off... armour or not, let's accept it, jeans are not great in an accident.

Take it easy and keep it between the hedges!

Jake 7 Dec 2010 10:52

Try Looking at Esquad strong jeans, || ESQUAD : the legendary armalith apparel - more protection, more comfortable and no secondary layer of kevlar knit or woven - the actual denim is the protective fabric not a sewn in insert so they are cooler and more comfortable. They claim to be stronger ( they claim to be the strongest rider jeans on the planet - if you believe the blurb - but thats upto you)than most Kevlar jeans and that is without an inner layer of Kevlar which can be both bulky, very hot and heavy, The actual denim weave is made up of Armalith fibres they are very comfortable - more so after they have been washed a few times as they soften up, excellent fit with a seated riding position built into the way the jeans fit when your riding so they do not tug at your knees or ride up away from your ankles, and they claim higher abrasion resistance than leather - the hip armour is superb and not really noticable when fitted but the knee armour is a bit more bulky but very light and flexible - I dont use the knee armour much myself. I have tried Hood jeans and Draggin jeans in the past these to me were Heavy, bulky, hot (sweaty off the bike)are a shadow of the quality fit and comfort of the Esquad stuff. (i wear the Esquad jeans as everyday jeans to the pub etc as well as on the bike that is how comfy and well cut they are). Mind you they are very expensive. (think about £280 when I bought mine) They have replaced virtually all the heavy leather and goretex stuff I have usually worn when travelling, or for use as everyday rider wear, i have worn them in hot weather and very cold wet weather including this current winter weather with a pair of waterproof over trousers. Excellent bit of kit if denim stuff is your thing.

Wheelie 7 Dec 2010 13:35

A few years back, I wore their zip-offs from Cape Town to Nairobi (6.000 kms in three weeks). Their kneepad inserts were utterly useless. Not only were they uncomfortable, but they were attatched using velcro. It was difficult to both position them correctly and to keep them in place. The soft hip pads were bulky and not very comfortable as well. I ended up using neither.

As for the pants, the pockets were deep and tight and difficult to use. Further still, the pants were quite hot as the fabric was thick, especially the areas lined with Kevlar. The pants themselves were comfortable, but did not exactly make a fashion statement. With the legs sipped off, they were still a bit too hot for shorts, but far better than many other alternatives.

As for protection, I think they are adequate for touring on good surfaces and predictable riding conditions where eating pavement is ones only real concern. Slow speeds on terrible roads is ok also.

The one good thing was that they were casual and there was no need to pack a second pair of pants (other than another pair of draggin jeans for when the first pair went to the cleaners). Also, being able to zip off the legs was a great asset.

Over all, I think that these pants are a bit hot for warm/hot summer days, and that one would be better off to pack some street wear and wear some real motorcycle pants with built in protectors and plenty of ventilation for warm days. But for temperate climate regions, they are really good. Fall, spring, or mild summer days, they are a really great alternative. Since I live in Norway, I use these a lot in combination with a Cordura jacket (street look), and pack a rain suit. I don't wear the pads, ever.

Would I buy them again? Probably yes - but for long trips taking you through all sorts of weather conditions and riding conditions, you should invest in something safer.

holodragon 7 Dec 2010 15:24

I have used a pair of Draggin Jeans camo`s for the past 5 years & they are still going strong despite me having a 50 mph off in them a few years ago, they protected me well as I slid & rolled down the road, I do not use the Knee armour in them as it is too bulky & uncomfortable.
I have worn them riding in 40+ degrees & while riding they kept me cool.......ish.
However the Kevlar lining makes them hot to wear off the bike & it can get a bit itchy when really hot.
I found the thigh pockets useful but they are a close fit so nothing more than maps or wipes in them.
For Tarmac I would say they are good as long as you accept they will protect you but will not have the Impact resistance of trousers with armour. I have never used them off road so cannot comment.
Would I buy them again? Probably but I would prefer some good flexible armour in place too.

mark manley 23 Jan 2011 08:43

I have a pair of Hood armoured jeans and find them more comfortable on a hot day than leather. I did use them on a trans Africa trip and the only problem was some chaffing on my knees from the armour when riding on dirt foads for a long period. With the armour removed I did use them as jeans but were a little warm. Incidently all praise to Hood for specially making me a pair with a 28" waist at no extra cost, I am pretty skinny and nobody else makes them that small.

flying biker 17 Feb 2011 00:42

I'm very happy with the Sartso Killer cargo pants that I bought a few months ago in Sydney.

Slightly uncomfortable on a hot day but that's a small price to pay for the extra protection.

Also like having all those pockets for those small items that seem to be essential for modern living.

rusty max 17 Feb 2011 13:23

mj draggin jeans
Servus Mj

I have been wearing Draggin jeans, ever since I rekindled my love with motorbike riding again. The old leather combi didn't fit any more.
Worn them on top of Kardungla Pass in the Himalayans, all over northern India, France, central Germany (Kesselberg, fraenkische Schweiz,Moselle) as well as on Ulysses club sunday rides here in WA. Most members do. Last Sunday during lunch, it was 38 degrees in the shade, that's pretty warm by any standard. The jeans, just look like ordinary blue jeans, wear and feel like any during riding, despite the in build kevlar liners, different story when one stands in bright sunlight. Pockets are just as tight as they are with Levis.

Haven't had a serious drop yet, but so far I am pretty happy wearing them.
Can't comment about how hot it gets in other countries, like Norway a.s.o.
Bought mine second hand on e bay australia for $ 100.00, but they haven't got separate knee&hip protectors.



3Crowns 20 Feb 2011 01:15

Sartso kevlar jeans.

Love um. I got a pair for when I'm riding my Harley. Cool looking jeans, great fit and very comfy. I wear them just as much off the bike. All day at work, at the bar or around home. They have pockets for knee pads.

Etherelda 20 Feb 2011 02:02

I have a pair of halvarssons jeans, they have hi art (similar to kevlar) to the bottom, not just a panel to just below the knee, like in Draggin jeans.
Jofama - Motorcycle wear

Mine were £99 which is cheap compared with the new draggin jeans, and I bought armour that fitted my shape. the jeans have lycra in them and are really stretchy and comfy.

I am also about to buy a pair of Hood Jeans. They have more kevlar than the standard dragging jeans. My stepdad has a pair, they are stiffer and tough, but I like that about them. More a winter weight jean.

Hood will customise the length for you free of charge.
Motorcycle Jeans from Hood Jeans UK

mj 27 Feb 2011 16:37

I quickly wanted to thank everybody for their input. I've eventually decided to go with Pharao Luxor pants that match my already existing jacket. That way I've managed to save a ton of money that I can now invest in travelling instead ;)

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