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XT GIRL 30 Jul 2008 02:15

Core Cooler - Keeping Cool In Extreme Heat
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[drupal=2138]Core Cooler - Keeping Cool In Extreme Heat[/drupal]

Salween 12 Sep 2008 15:32

core cooler
where can i get them? i am riding in laos, usually at least 30 degrees C. at mid day, so would be great to give it a try. seems the company doesnt make them anymore...? any source? thanks :Beach:

Carl P 12 Sep 2008 22:49

It looks as though the Sixsixone corecooler is in very short supply, I recently got two sent from the states, took me ages to find a stockist that had anything other than the youth size left.

Most stockists say out of stock with no date for re supply, some say they are no longer being manufactured.

It is still possible to find the youth size & some small/mediums, but looks as though no larges are left.

Simply Google "sixsixone corecooler" & spend a happy couple of hours trying to find a stockist that has one & will post out of the U.S for a reasonable charge!

I got mine from

A small/medium(one size) should do for all but the largest of people (I'm 14.5"(36cm)neck & about 17"(42.5cm) across my shoulders) & S/M is OK.

Got one for me & one for a friend so we split the 40$ shipping.


Salween 13 Sep 2008 05:12

core cooler
thanks carl, ordered one, they still have the medium sized ones:thumbup1:

Hindu1936 13 Sep 2008 11:23

They do work as promised. Ours are two years old and have seen plenty of use. worth waiting for.

SpitfireTriple 8 Oct 2008 18:55

My GF bought me something similar to this
Clearance - Accessories - Cooling Scarf
(Couldn't find a reference to exactly what she bought)

Both she and I were sceptical, but I was most impressed with it in the heat of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. I'd seriously look at something bulkier and more effective, like the Core Cooler. It would be great to build the technology into a bike jacket, but I suppose then you'd have the problem of what happens when it rains. Some manufacturer somewhere should try though. Maybe it could be combined with a camel-back type water sack.

Someone's already had a go at a (non-bike) home-made version
Beat the Heat: Make A Cool Tie! | Organized Christmas

Don_N 16 Jun 2009 20:48

Works Extemely Well in the Arizona Summer
We use the Core Cooler on our motorcycles, when working in the yard (or anywhere outside), hiking, etc. They're light weight, last all day, and keep us warm, but comfortable unlike some products that make you wet to keep you cool. Temperatures here get to 110+, but so far it's working like a charm.

Hindu1936 18 Jun 2009 08:01

try writing directly to the factory. that's where and how I got mine. yes, it has been a few years ago, but inquiring of friends who live in medford, they are still in business.

Tim Wood 14 Jul 2009 06:53

No More Core Coolers
I contacted an Australian importer who has advised the Core Cooler is no longer in production. Yopu may be able to find someone with old stock. Sixsixone have some youth sizes available but they don't ship international. Pity.

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