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mart 20 Jun 2001 07:22

Buffalo sleeping bag
Anyone who needs a sleeping bag which you can give some hammer and sleep in all sorts of conditions may want to look at one of the Pertex shelled fibre pile lined sleeping bags by Buffalo Systems. Made in the UK. these bags are ideal for those on a budget trip who like me have to rough it alot sleeping out etc.You can get these bags wet and unlike regular bags they will still keep you warm and shed water. Wring em out and then off you go. They are best used with some of buffalos clothing although the clothing is not designed for motorcycle riding . I have the "superbag" which has a snorkel hood and armholes you can unzip from the inside and sit in the cold and still get a drink or whatever. I've used mine from trekking in the High Himalayas in winter to camping on 3 month motorbike trips with tent or just sleeping out in the mountains or wherever not using my tent just a pad. These bags dont hold moisture like a regular bag would. They are ideal tough bags for trips and very adaptable.

sjbarrow 20 Jun 2001 14:27

Just to let people know they can be found at

mart 21 Jun 2001 07:01

thanks! I was just about to do that.

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