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discoenduro 24 Jan 2009 21:18

Breaking in Leather Boots
I've got some leather motocross boots. When I was in the Army, you'd break in leather boots by lying in a warm bath!

Any ideas on how to quickly break in these type of boots?

Many thanks,


Big Yellow Tractor 25 Jan 2009 07:42

Been dealt with on here before I think.

The problem with most MX boots is that they are covered in plastic bits so don't really break in properly anyway.

I fill mine up with warm water and leave them for a while. Then put them on with some thick, long socks and squelch around in them. Just keep wearing them as often as possible.

Let them dry naturally; stuffing a cloth down inside and leave some hanging outside the boot works quite well. I have a dehumidifier in my little workshop so boots and gear dry in a day or so.

Treat the leather with something like Neats Foot Oil (get it from saddlers) to keep it supple.

discoenduro 26 Jan 2009 07:52

Thanks. The boots are all leather, except for the buckles and steel at key points: Vendramini Lusaka

Awesome boot out of the box, comfier than the Sidi Crossfires i once owned, but lacking a little in flex at the ankle joint, which impedes the use of the gear lever as quickly as i'd like

I'll use the tried and tested method of bathing in my boots and applying some oil like you suggest

Good ideas for drying them out...tips noted:thumbup1:


38thfoot 27 Jan 2009 15:39

another tip for dying them is to make a sausage shape out of a pair of tights/stockings depending on availability filled with cat litter.


stuxtttr 27 Jan 2009 16:52

Yeah the bath route seems as good as any some mx boots are just very stiff. My AXO boots are over 10 years old and they still seem too stiff. I am looking at Trials boots or ATV boots as these seem more flexible.:scooter:

mollydog 27 Jan 2009 18:02


once your feet are wet ... next thing is, they FREEZE! Not a pretty picture! :nono:

peachface 27 Jan 2009 18:28

to dry out i always stuff old newspapers down inside the boot , this helps the drying process:thumbup1:maybe sitting infront of the TV squashing your boots back and forth may help??lots ofdubin or leather preserver too:thumbup1:

DAVSATO 31 Jan 2009 13:21

this time of year i wouldnt worry about breaking them in, just wear them for riding normally and they will soon suffer plenty of soaking/drying cycles! but keep them clean of road salt/grit, it soon chews through boot stitching.

just give them plenty of dubbin/renapur/nikwax/balm/WHY, it really does make a difference over time, also, if you have any little bits of stitching sticking out get a lighter and melt them in, on gloves too. it really helps prevent the stitching from fraying over the years.

ive had the same boots and gloves for 7 years (boots HG tuareg gore, gloves some cheap tingtong rubbish from a bike show bargain bin, but they fit like, er....gloves) and they are still going strong, only just about feel lived in now

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