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karter257 10 Sep 2007 20:57

Which boots to take: summer or winter ones?
I'm in the final stages of packing for a trip heading through Europe, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Oz etc (if all goes ok and the money does not run out too soon) leaving next week. Tarmac only riding.

Looking for recommendations on boots: I have two pairs:

Pair A: English summer light boots, very light shower proof but not heavy rain proof, easy to dry out if they get wet, comfortable to walk in, limited ankle protection.

Pair B: English spring, autumn, winter boots, pretty much water proof unless a major rain storm hits but if they get wet take ages to dry, comfortable to walk in unless it is very hot, good ankle protection.

Which pair should I take?

Mermaid 10 Sep 2007 21:40

If you're leaving next week and your timing means you should (in theory) stay with warmer weather I'd go for the lighter boots with a pair of waterproof socks. Sealskins are excellent.
If you're likely to catch enough cold weather I'd go for the autumn boots.
In my experience it's easier to cope with being too hot than too cold!!

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