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maria41 3 Feb 2006 19:58

Best Motorbike clothing for women
Hi everyone!
I'm starting to look around for a new gore-tex suit, for my next year trip around South America. Apart from BMW which provides a good range of women clothing not sure what else there is as choice. I do not fit on these supposedly "unisex" clothes. Rukka seems to have only the Amazon suit. Hein Gerick has an ok range but not sure for the long run if it's best option. I'd rather pay more and get top quality and protection. I'm going to be wearing that suit every day for many months so…..
What are you ladies wearing on long trips? Let's start a little survey here!

I start: I wear a (very nice) leather suit from HG and during winter months a gore-tex suit from IXS (that needs replacement)

Sian Mackenzie 4 Feb 2006 16:46

Hi Maria,

I have a Hein Gerike Jacket, which has done the business for the last 25,000kms or so and a pair of BMW womens pants, not sure which model but not the most recent ones. I'm very happy with both, but next time would go for garments that had as much ventilation as possible.


Jac 16 Feb 2006 00:57


There's a bike shop in Hitchin that specializes in womens bike gear... http://www.girlsbike2.com/ I've yet to make a trip up there, but am quite keen to check it out as I am on the look out for a new set of leathers... Last set I bought was in NZ, 10 years ago and there was only one style to choose from!! The only option was size!

For the overland trip I picked up an el cheapo jacket from the Ally Pally show for 25 quid or so... Can't remember the brand, but it had the goretex patch, and did the job for the trip... Only started leaking around the zip area after several hours in torrential rain!

Er, I can fully admit this "out loud" now having made the trip from UK to NZ relatively unscathed... but I wore cargo pants / trousers (from Jay's Stores in Surrey Quay's) the whole way... Then again, we did wear open face helmets too, which tends to provoke some controversy on the HUBB....

I wore Belstaff boots and gloves pretty much all the time... the boots were shagged by the end of the trip, but they did take the brunt of any spillages!

Looking forward to hearing others recommendations / experences...


winne 16 Feb 2006 02:58

Hi Maria,
probably you already know all this but I have just finished my South America trip - and my old HG Tuareg Gore Tex gear. I'll have to buy a new one and next time I'll take care that it has
- lots of ventilation possibilities
- some possibility to take out the Gore Tex membrane and just go on with light protection
- some sort of protection that your butt won't get wet - as this was a major problem with the Turareg stuff.
Additionally I always take a conventional (plastic) rain jacket with me - otherwise with the textile stuff you might end up freezing in the rain.
Best regards

maria41 28 Feb 2006 18:23

Hi ladies!
Thanks for your feedback.
That Girlsbike2.com website is definitely a good tip Jac! I will have to check it out!

Anyone else?



Shells 28 Feb 2006 19:47

I reckon there's an entrepreneurial opportunity in here somewhere!!

Frank Thomas seem to have spent a bit of time thinking about women's wear (not an extensive range, by any means though).

I am wearing out some cheapies - I got some gear initially thinking I would just be a pillion, so didn't spend much time shopping about. I got a small men's jacket and went to the kiddies section for pants http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

Some well fitting and ventilated gear is definitely on the cards (come on summer!). Think I will also be taking a ride to the women's bike gear shop (some snug pants and a jacket that doesn't swallow me would be great. Gloves are always a mission for me - 1/10 seems to fit, and then I have to factor in 6/10 being rubbish. Ha!)

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