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Motivator 1 Apr 2010 16:22

"Best" boots
Just finalising my preparations for my Alaska to Argentina odyssey starting in June! I need to replace my boots. Anyone got any thoughts about best/most comfortable/practical ones to take? They would need to be waterproof but as I would want to wear them on short sight seeing excursions, comfort is a key factor. Any opinion would be gratefully received!

palace15 1 Apr 2010 17:12

Altberg Bootmakers - Manufacturers of walking, military, police and motorcycle boots. Richmond, North Yorkshire

These seem to get some very good reveiws, especially the 'Hog lite' models.

Flyingdoctor 1 Apr 2010 17:28

+1 for Altberg. It can be difficult to get hold of a pair but it's worth the effort. Generally you have to go to the factory in Richmond to get measured up correctly and then they make them up for you. As you've not been very specific about your whereabouts in Blighty, North Yorks may be a bit of a trip for you. Luckily they usually have a stand at the classic bike show at Stafford which happens to be at the end of this month. Phone them up and they'll bring some for you to try. They're a good company to deal with.

Lots of people on here swear by them.

jgaff 1 Apr 2010 18:27

Hi -

I had and liked the Aerostich Combat Touring boots. They were OK to walk in and waterproof-ish with treatment. The lite version might be even better to walk in, but I've never tried them. Now I use L.L. Bean Engineers boots. Basically a low, but over the ankle, workboot made by Chippewa. For waterproofing I wear Tingley boots over them.


Simon F 1 Apr 2010 18:57

I wear the Altberg Hoggs too.
The boots are spot on-I havn't had cold or wet feet in 2 years...
if you don't need full on enduros for your travels.

Their customer service is first class too.

The riding up in the Yorkshire Dales is wonderful-so worth a trip to see them in Richmond if you take the scenic route.

If they arn't on the shelf (unlikely) its about 28 days or so-but the boots are made for you.


Mickey D 1 Apr 2010 19:47

TCX Infinity
I'm sure the Alberg's are good. I saw them at the Alberg stand at the BMF show some years ago. Bit crude but functional looking and everyone raved.

I've used several boots from TCX (formerly Oxtar). These are great boots for walking around in and offer good protection as well. They are "certified" Gore-Tex as well and really are waterproof. Best I've found.

I don't do hiking or work boots. No Tibia protection and not much of a foot box. The Italians really understand "Feet"! :thumbup1:


Read about them here;
Viewing Images For TCX Infinity GTX Touring Boots :: New Enough

I have these now. Great walking, less money, waterproof, decent protection too.

TCX X-Five Touring Motorcycle Boots :: New Enough

MotoEdde 1 Apr 2010 20:50

Since you can't carry the ideal boots/shoes for every situation, a good pair of hiking boots is a good compromise.

I've used them on many trips and they've been fine.

darkhelmet 1 Apr 2010 22:05

I looked at Revit Apache

Most boots are too stiff to walk properly. Apache seemed to have that taken care of as far as possible for motorcycle boots.
But they didnt fit my feet very well. I have small/slim feet, its hard to find the right boots, let alone some nice waterproof,walking, riding, adventure boot

I tried the TCX here above. Like the locking system, no zipper to get clogged up with sand, but I find them too tall...

*Touring Ted* 1 Apr 2010 23:22

A very personal choice...

I always go with the safest, most protective route....

No proper bike boots are easy to walk or trek with so why compromise ???

Your ankles are VERY fragile and complicated. They are the most commonly damaged area in a motorcycle crash (true statistic).

Your trip could be over or delayed by months by damaging your ankles.

For that reason, I use full on Motocross boots. Very rigid and very protective. Take trainers/flip flops for being off the bike.

g&s2up 1 Apr 2010 23:27

Wish I'd gone long!
Having just got back from the same trip I'll throw in my experience, I decided to go for a combination of waterproofing, comfort and protection and chose the Hein Gericke Tour GTX boots and something similar for Sue as pillion. The boots were and still are extremely comfortable and even with fabric panels the Goretex waterproofing worked extremely well except in Central america during the rainy season or when we were stood in two feet of water!. Under normal riding conditions the protection worked fine, unfortunately we had a few thousand miles of less than good surfaces.. sand, gravel, dirt, rocks etc. We had the misfortune to have an off riding the Dalton up to Deadhorse, no major injuries, however, something punched a hole in my calf just above the boot line. We still can't figure out what it was but Sue's thumb served as an excellent plug until we could dress the wound, I'm convinced if I'd been wearing something higher like the TCXs or the SIDI Couriers I would have got away with just a few bruises. the other thing is toe protection, if you're going to ride roads like the Carratera Austral, Ruta 40 and the like then you're toes are going to get 'rocked'. You know how sometimes you whack a finger and withdraw your hand at the pain, well I discovered you can't do that with your feet on the pegs, 9times out of ten you'll be standing on the pegs anyway and it hurts like hell! I looked at changing to something stronger on our journey south but never did! (masochist, I guess or just tight!) anyway after 36,000 miles I'm looking to trade these in for our next trip so I'm watching this thread for suggestions.
Ride safe - As in life, Stay Upright
Graham and Sue


palace15 1 Apr 2010 23:55


A thread from sometime back, but they leak badly, know 3 people that have them and thiers also leaked from new.

Mickey D 2 Apr 2010 03:05

Ted's idea of riding in good boots and then taking something comfortable to wear off the bike makes sense to me, and that is what I have always done. I like Keen sandals.

Graham's point about having boots tall enough to protect is also important.
Another very common break in MC crashes is Tibia/Fibula breaks. A higher boot with a Tibia guard could save you a trip ending injury. Like Ted says, stiff, strong boots can save you.

Water proofing dirt bike boots:
Those who have ridden dirt bikes for years may know this but dirt bike boots are rarely truly waterproof. Do what Enduro racers do: Use Snow Seal on your boots. Most real dirt bike boots leak through the big seams where the soles are sewn onto the boot. If you apply Snow Seal (a product skiers or anyone that lives in snow use) about every 3 to 6 months to the seams and all leather parts of the boots, they will resist water even when submerged for a while. Works really well!

Here are my Dirt bike boots. These are simply amazing but I wouldn't do RTW in them, even though they are UNBELIEVABLY comfortable. (Expensive!)

Flyingdoctor 2 Apr 2010 09:04


Originally Posted by Mickey D (Post 283469)
Ted's idea of riding in good boots and then taking something comfortable to wear off the bike makes sense to me, and that is what I have always done. I like Keen sandals.

I bought a pair of these sandles a few years ago and they're perfect for bike touring. However, they're not cheap, I paid £70 for mine! I have found another supplier here... Soldier of Fortune

Quite a saving at £25. It's the same sandal but in green.

ExtremeGene 2 Apr 2010 09:28

There is a shop that sells Altbergs in London but unfortunately i don't know where. You will have to do some investigation.


Motivator 2 Apr 2010 11:14

Thanks for all the input and suggestions! I think, on balance, safety will overide extreme comfort, but I will check out the much lauded Altbergs!

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