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Xander 24 Jan 2008 11:59

Best all weather riding gear
First sorry for an other jacket thread but things do "evolve" . So now that my Hein Gereke prosport jacket has fallen to bits (18 moths old :nono:) I've been looking at several jackets and pants for adventure riding (and commuting daily). I'm trying to find a set that can be used from in summer and winter, in the Dry and Wet . Here are a few features I think i want.

1) They should have a wind/waterproof outer layer, I would rather have to open vents and have an outer shell that stays dry, then one that is has its water proofing inside and removable, ( I know this makes the garments breathe better when it gets seriously hot, but I have been caught in major rains that took the jacket 2 days to dry out. Yes i was dry inside.. but I dont like the jacket weighting 400kg. wet and it they lose a lot of thermal insulation wet the shell is wet.) Once i have to carry a "splash jacket" then I dont need the inner water proof layer anyway..

1A) removable Thermal lining.

2) The jacket should have elbow, shoulder and back armor, and the pants with knee and hip armor. The elbow and knee armor should have adjustable Velcro or something to keep them in place.

3) The garments should be made of a material that will be significantly resistant to abrasion and tearing.

4) The pants should have enough adjustments to adapt from fitting over normal pants and thermal underwear, to being worn with just riding shorts underneath.

5) Both garments should have plenty of zippered vent options.

6) The pants should have full-length leg or 3/4 zippers for easy on/off.

7) All zippers should be very sturdy and set up so they don't allow wind/water to pass when closed, either by storm flaps or sealed zippers.

8) Large areas of reflective material would be a HUGE plus.

9) They should be reasonably light weight and not too restrictive when you need to move around.

10) They should be available in medium to light colors, so they don't absorb heat, like black clothing.

11) The jacket should have a collar with an adjustment range that goes from being worn with collarless undergarments, to fitting over a couple of under layers with collars. And it should be comfortable on the neck (HG dont have this and is a real pain now that i need a neck muff).

Anyone seen something with similar features? I have looked at a jessen safety system jacket.. I am not convinced.. plus it weights 300kg dry, I am not sure about the BMW rally ones.. Why removable arms? this just strikes me as a weak point in the armor/wet proofing. HG are rubbish, although warm my current jacket is falling to bits and it has not had a very hard life... Rev'it looks the part but know nothing about it.. Rukka has been looked at but again i dont know anything about them.. I am not TOO concerned with price,if i find the ideal stuff then I will pay for it. I await your wisdom!
Cheers Xander

juddadredd 24 Jan 2008 14:58

LMAO your way too picky:

BMW RALLYE PRO meets most of what you want.

My Wet Weather Kit is Hein Gericke Voyager mk2 - Thermal, Gore-tex, Warm, I can wear my normal kit under it a great winter kit.

Birdy 24 Jan 2008 16:25

Blimey that is a long list! I think with that many boxes to tick you actually need a one off Versace.

Despite my glibness, I can give a little advice. Have you thought of the Aerostitch stuff? I haven't used it personally, but I know several people that love it, as well as quite a few on here.

I like good cheapish leathers (my jacket is Richa, pants Alpinestar- £100/£55) with a removable thermal lining, then augment that with quality undergarms and a splash suit, does the job for as little cash as poss, but I don't think this is what you are looking for!

Happy riding.


markharf 24 Jan 2008 17:01

Based on my limited experience with Aerostich (Darien pants, jackets, overmitts), I doubt you'll be satisfied. First, they leak plenty in sustained rains—through zippers, around openings and even at some seams. Second, the jacket collar and its closure are a joke. Plus I've had all sorts of bits and pieces which rapidly began to break or never worked correctly—for example I've lost most major zipper pulls, and wrist gauntlets and velcro closures never did work correctly, etc.

OTOH, it's perfectly possible that this is the way of the world, and that even at $800 or so (jacket, pants, armor) stuff is going to break, leak and never work quite right. If so, I (and maybe you) need to learn not to let it interfere too much with my riding enjoyment.

Hope that helps.


MetusUK 24 Jan 2008 17:31

If price is no object go with the Rukka stuff, its obscenely good, absolutely awesome, you cant fault it... if you are coming down the price bracket consider the top of the range IXS stuff, its very good... With textile motorcycle clothing the 'race brands' such as alpinestars whilst being good aren't as good as the Rukka or BMW stuff... but with BMW you are paying for the name... Oh and Rev'it - Forget it... if you seriously have no money issues...

In my opinion you want Rukka.

Walkabout 24 Jan 2008 17:52

Frank Thomas, Dainese, Hein G, Richa, Swift, Scott Leathers etc etc
"Anyone seen something with similar features?"
Well, no I can't say I have - your specification is a great list of desirables and I will keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone says that a single jacket and trousers meets the spec.
Personally, I have never come across this perfect product, which is why I have a cupboard full of jackets and trousers (and boots, and don't mention gloves)! I mix and match, wearing different kit on different rides depending on what I am doing etc etc - no use at all if travelling distance. For the latter, I make a decision and go with whatever combination applies (and end up soaked on occasions!!).

I agree totally on your point about inner, detachable waterproof liners, such as BMW use: obviously not primarily aimed at the rain sodden UK market (or anywhere else in northern Europe?).

Xander 25 Jan 2008 12:57

thanks to all who have responded. i know what i described "is a perfect thing", and unlikely to actually exist but obviously some things are more important then others (to me at least). A wish list is just that, and i did not think what i was asking for was outrageous in any way..:rolleyes2: Besides if you dont ask then you cant know...

the search so far:
I have been looking and asking around a fair bit too and it seems like rukka always comes out on top.. but interestingly it is the older stuff that seems to fit my bill.. . A friend suggested that Rukka A-Tech Gore-Tex Jacket, fills my requirements and I have been able to find it for about £350.. which yes is exxy .. but i paid £250 for my HG stuff that I have not been happy with at all..So if for 100£ more i can be happy, safe, warm, dry, and i ride 5 days a week every week for about 2 hours a day, and many weekends all day long we are only talking about £1 a day (and these things have 5 year guarantee so really 20p per day) not that bad when you look at it this way (well i hope my wife buys it anyway:cool4:) . Well the search will continue and i will let you know.


Samy 25 Jan 2008 14:56

Rukka or... ?
We all need comfortable and satisfactory riding suits which will feel us good but should not be expensive on the other hand.

When it is about extreme riding conditions, my decision is RUKKA but hey it's expensive.

If you are not going to extreme conditions, I personally think Hein Gericke is much more efficient solution. I prefer Tuareg series and satisfied with.

I have some fountain pens which costs over 500 $. I have some other pens costs around 100 and believe me makes the same job and looks as good as the other one.
Sometimes they cheat on us by using brandnames IMHO.

kentfallen 25 Jan 2008 16:18

Have a look at these -

Akito Desert textile jacket sand
Akito Desert textile pants sand

Seems pretty good value to me and looks Okay too.

MetusUK 25 Jan 2008 16:43


Originally Posted by kentfallen (Post 170872)
Have a look at these -

Akito Desert textile jacket sand
Akito Desert textile pants sand

Seems pretty good value to me and looks Okay too.

Arrrrgh! Akito and Buffalo must have the world's largest returns department, When I used to work at J&S we used to stock AKITO and BUFFALO products, and they were very very poor compared to... well cheese.

(Cue the 1000's of happy customers who swear by them)

Vaufi 25 Jan 2008 17:01


this is the ultimate riding gear:

Check the trousers to suit.

BUT - if I remember correctly the jacket costs somewhere around 950 Euros and the pants something like 500.


kentfallen 25 Jan 2008 17:29

I think thats a bit unfair to AKITO. There are literally thousands upon thousands of loyal Akito customers who will testify to the excellent quality of their products. For someone starting out they represent good value for money. I am of the opinion that you don't necessarily get better quality merely by spending more money.

Last months Ride mag tested textile jackets and the TEKNIC jacket costing only £149 beat the pants off Dainese's own effort costing £226

The HUBB seems to be full of "Designer Snobs" with more money than sense!

Vaufi 25 Jan 2008 17:39


Originally Posted by kentfallen (Post 170891)
I am of the opinion that you don't necessarily get better quality merely by spending more money.

I guess you're right, but that riding gear "Traveler" is just plain well designed and manufactured. For hot Oz sun and cold European weather. I would buy it if I could, but it's way too expensive for me :-(

Walkabout 25 Jan 2008 17:58


Originally Posted by Vaufi (Post 170885)

this is the ultimate riding gear:

Check the trousers to suit.

BUT - if I remember correctly the jacket costs somewhere around 950 Euros and the pants something like 500.


Yes, expensive, those prices are in the range of Rukka's.

Thinking about it, if I had not bought so many bits of clothing over the years I could have put all of the cash into one of these suits!!

I have not read the full specification of this kit, but I suspect the Goretex in there is the latest, newest version which has a premium on the price compared with the earlier stuff: Hein G have a similar range of higher priced clothing which contains the new Goretex.

A note: about 3 years ago I bought a HG toureg jacket - I didn't read the label properly and all I saw was "waterproof" - it turned out later, in central France, that only the pockets are waterproof on that particular model of toureg! :rolleyes2: (Always read the small print).

banned3 25 Jan 2008 19:33

"The HUBB seems to be full of "Designer Snobs" with more money than sense!"

YES, YES thats me! finally someone has seen the light, after 21 motorcycles, dozens of designer shades, "hot" leathers, tailored suits, the latest tents, microbrewery exclusive beers.....and now unexpectedly in the HUBB I feel right at home.
Cheers :thumbup1:

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