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iand 27 Jan 2009 20:05

Belkin sport command for ipod
has anyone used one of these or anything similar?

Belkin : SportCommand™ for iPod


i've just ordered one off ebay, hopefully i'll be able to listen to my music and control my ipod more effectivley on the move.


iand 2 Feb 2009 14:37

i got mine the other day and used it on a journey to the london bike show, worked well, except it could do with something behind it. i found when i pushed the buttons i was pushing my soft gloved finger onto the control with was just pushing into my padded jacket sleeve. i'm going to try putting something behind it, a small piece of hardboard/thin MDF or plastic so i can push the buttons a little easier.
other than that it was a lot easier than trying to undo my jacket everytime i stop to turn the ipod on or off.

now i just need some decent headphones that'll cut some of the wind noise out!!


pbekkerh 2 Feb 2009 21:37


KennyE 3 Feb 2009 08:00

I fitted mine to the inside of my hand protector on my bike but ended up throwing it away after a couple of months as the battery kept on going flat. The buttons were a pain in the A#*e as well

mutineer 19 Feb 2009 04:36

hugely unreliable and I would return it now while you still have all the packaging

check out reviews on amazon. lots of people report trouble and the thing only working intermittently

great design

terrible execution

I have the scosche unit now. It was cheaper, mounts nicely to the handlebar with velcro and works flawlessly

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