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kentfallen 29 May 2008 17:06

Bargains at the BMF (Peterborough)????
Just wanted to know whether or not I was the only person to get a TRULY SUPERB bargain at this years BMF held at the East Of England Showground in Peterborough 2 weeks ago.

I managed to find this fantastic deal -

A top of the range SHOEI X-SPIRIT (Lawson) in Eddie Lawson colours size Large for £100 cash!

Normal Cost here - Motorbike Spares - Shoei X-Spirit Lawson TC-1

A saving of £300!

I admit the helmet is in last years colours but heck, who gives a damn when you get such a good deal (not that I'm the kind of person to ever take notice of such trivial matters).

I also managed to find a 2006 Hein Gericke Taureg suit for £80 (normally £500 in the shop). Both the jacket and trousers were returns. Both were in perfect overall condition. Upon close inspection the jacket had a small broken zip and the trousers were perfect. Each were £40. The zip cost me £8 to repair.

All in all I thought I did quite well. What do you think? Did YOU manage to find any bargains yourself? I'd be interested to learn what others found...

I heard from a steward there that the BMF is under threat because of trading law changes in the EU. Apparently this year is the very last time really great deals like this can be found. Next year prices will increase.

Oh yes, why does it always rain when I go to a bike event? It pissed down on the Saturday all day long turning the showground into a muddy puddle... Glad I took my Derriboots, I ended up wearing the newly purchased Taureg Jacket...

mustaphapint 29 May 2008 23:56

Yes we picked up some bargains as well. Must have been on a different Saturday to you though as apart from a couple of showers I didn't think it was too bad and towards the end of the day it even brightened up.
I hear there will be some cheap trail bikes and gear next year as soon we'll have nowhere to ride them! :-)

mollydog 30 May 2008 07:34

Yank in the UK
I was in the UK back in '03.

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