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lockyv7 18 Aug 2012 04:37

Anyone else changed back from Textile to Leather
I have had so many so called water proof textile jackets that i have now found myself a good leather jacket and now i will team it up with some quality rain overgear. The textile stuff was being a real pain, starts raining, so pull over to put the wets on, but they dont go on they go in, whats next. take the jacket off, take the pants off, better take the boots off first to get the pants off and while you standing on the side of the road in your undies trying to zip in you gortex waterproof liner then redress again. Sick of it so i thourt i would go back to old school and looked at waxed cotton then found Claymore clothing in England a few e-mails back and forth and they did make leather but only do waxed cotton now. But wait a mo, we have one last jacket they had made, fitted with removable knox armor and they send my all the measurements and its the exact same size as the jackets i already have, its there last, no more so they give it to me for 110Quid, the wholesale cost of the leather used to build it. What a score. I will do a review in about 25 years after its broken in. Just the jacket for my R100GS or the R60/5 :thumbup1:


Austin 18 Aug 2012 21:19

Nice jacket. I was looking for one like that but gave up as nothing available at anything like a reasonable price.

I too got fed up with wet textile jackets and really don't get the waterproof liner being on the inside thing. They wear out a lot quicker than leather with waterproofing being the first to go, and if you fall off even at low speed, from what I have seen, but luckily not experienced, the jacket or trousers will need to be replaced.

I changed back to leathers 3 years ago and am more than happy. I carry a simple Rev'it waterproof jacket and trousers, with the jacket being more or less a permanent feature in winter when it also adds significantly to warmth. When I arrive somewhere and its been wet I simply take the waterproofs off, stash em back in the top box and walk in dry and clean. In warm weather the leather maintains its shape better with collar and cuffs loose to allow plenty of ventilation.

The biggest downsides are they are heavy, and mine has too few pockets.

lockyv7 19 Aug 2012 00:22

I also have an Akito Desert jacket and its heavy and bulky and has 3 layers all with zips. I have already had to replace one zip because if your not taking care the outer shell zip will attach to the inner waterproof layer zip then they will zip together but you can not get them apart again and the zips are stuffed. Why make zips that are almost the same has me baffled.
I live in Australia but have an old BMW R60/5 in my daughters shed in the Netherlands and with this leather jacket i can wear it on the plane, the other jacket needed its own luggage compartment.


Hustler 19 Aug 2012 08:46

I too had a look for something like that and I gave up as well as couldn't find anything for what I was willing to spend.
Looks good, very good.
But my main jacket is textile, BMW, with vents, waterproof as it comes ie no liners inner or outer.
Excellent bit of kit.

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