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Crusty 14 Jun 2007 22:03

Altberg on tour
Hi all,

I just heard Altberg are doing a tour, so if you want to check out their boots here's where they're going to be:

Saturday 16 June - Craigdon Mountain Sports, Aberdeen

Saturday 8 September - Craigdon Mountain Sports, Inverness

Saturday 22 September - Lockwoods, Leamington Spa

To Be Confirmed:

Rathbones, Keswick
Peglers, Arundel
Up & Under, Cardiff
Open Air, Cambridge

I've already made an appointment at the factory in Yorkshire but I'm going up to Aberdeen to have a look! (No patience).


Frank Warner 11 Jul 2007 04:53

I visted them - with no appointment .. just to see what they had (I like to look at rreal things .. not just through a screen). No real problem .. just need to wait .. my feet would go straight into the soft boots (canvas like - swade?) .. but not the leather ones - they would need 'streching' for fit my feet.
Pity they did not go to the HU meeting ..

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