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Dirtpig 10 Mar 2011 00:26

Whats' in your repair kit ?
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Here is a picture of what I carry in my repair kit starting from bottom left:
  • bag of electrical bits – fuse holder, wire, switch, connectors etc
  • zip ties – various sizes – held in place with a small piece of copper pipe wrapped in about 3 meters of Duct tape
  • old film canister filled with grease and wrapped in plastic wrap so wont leak
  • bag of mixed bolts, nuts, washers, cotter pins etc.
  • spare spark plugs
  • WD 40
  • spare piece of chain and 2 split pin master links
  • spare fuses, bulbs
  • electrical tape
  • dielectric grease for electrical connections
  • more tie wraps held together with small diameter bailing wire
  • large diameter bailing wire
  • hose clamps of various sizes
  • JB Weld, locktite, contact cement stored in a zip lock bag
All of this stuff plus misc bits and pieces all fit in that blue bag (pencil bag from when the kids were in school) which just fits inside my 4 inch tool tube along with a spare inner tube and some other tools.

So what is missing that you think we should all be carrying with us that is not listed above ??

A.L.F 10 Mar 2011 10:19

You seem to have most bases covered .
Maybe you have it with your tools already but I never leave home without a small flat file .

Dirtpig 10 Mar 2011 16:28

excellent point

I carry a small flat file - about 6 inches long - plus a small triangular machinist file that I have used to recut threads in bolts etc.


henryuk 10 Mar 2011 16:31

For older vehicles you might want to include a small hammer, and a large hammer for when the small hammer didn't work:innocent:

henryuk 10 Mar 2011 16:34

p.s. I like what you've done with the spark plugs - take it that they are in a length of fuel pipe or similar to keep the heads clean?

Dirtpig 10 Mar 2011 16:41

It is an old trick from dirt biking days. You screw the spark plugs into a piece of fuel line to protect the ends. Then you could either put it in your pocket, or we used to attach it to the frame somewhere accessable with a hose clamp. That way we had sprark plugs, fuel line and hose clamps just in case:thumbup1:

gixxer.rob 27 Sep 2011 06:49

Nice list
Nice list might borrow that.

TurboCharger 27 Sep 2011 15:14


Originally Posted by gixxer.rob (Post 350373)
Nice list might borrow that.


The only thing I would add are an assortment of rubber o-rings that fit the most common part of your bike, and washers; crush, spring and normal of various sizes.

Ni3ous 27 Sep 2011 17:38

You seem to have only electrical problems.
Where are the tools?

This is the set I have came up with... Its suitable for long distance trip.
Original kit is bad quality and sometimes useless. I switched for better quality tools. I tried to make it small and light as it gets...
Those are the pics.
There is missing on the pictures heatblanket foil, fuses, lighter, led light and some oher small bits. Even at home I always use only the tools I carry on the bike, so I constantly upgrade the tools to be as efficient as it can be. So small adjustments has been done since this set up was pictured.

This is the tooltubes I bought on Agrysupply, and mounted them on my custom builded side racks, for single exhaust (also custom build) Tenere.

In bigger tool box there is enough space for all the tools I need. I use socket tools as much as possible.

This is very usefull tool, small, light and usefull for lots of sockets...

For more leverage, you can do this...

In smaller tool tube there is all I need in case of flat tyre + small saw, sand paper...

Small bags are for repairing the tires, there are fuses, quicksteel...and other small bits...
Next week I get small chain and conection links to put in the kit in case of broken chain.

Original bag on original spot...

Another bag is perfectly under the seat, there is enough space for heat blanket and fuses also.

Since i use home made single sided exhaust I have enough space on another side for tool tubes, which I mounted on the racks.

Thats it, I am ready for long distance trip.

gixxer.rob 28 Sep 2011 01:17

I would add some PFTE Tape as well in thinking about it again.

Magnon 30 Sep 2011 17:55

The trouble with makeshift get you home repairs is you never know how much of anything you are going to need. Dirtpigs kit looks good to me, I also carry ptfe tape, duct tape, superglue and various bits of rubber water hose which can be used to repair splits in radiator pipes. Silver seal granules are handy if you damage a rad. and I don't think I've had a bike with a coter pin since my BSA!

The other thing that I find crucial is making sure that the tools you carry work - for example, are the tyre levers actually long enough to do the job, is the pump adequate to get the tyre up to a useable pressure and will the chain rivet press prove man enough to press the rivet out before it snaps in two. If you carry small 1/4" sockets make sure the small screws are not too tight - same with wheel nuts, I ruined several ratchets trying to undo can wheels at the side of the road that had be tightened with an air gun

Selous 30 Sep 2011 18:42

I think both these tool kits are good, however they are only as good as the person who is using the tools ad what he knows.
so with the extra tools, spares, what about the manual?
& I notice you both do not have tyre repair kits not puncture, I carry the Stop & go Tyre repair as suggested by grant.

Land Rover 27 Dec 2012 18:08


Moto tie down in the tool kit place on an XTZ660Z.....this would be used for towing a broken down moto...tow footpeg to footpeg to enable the towed moto to be steered properly.



PPCLI Jim 25 Jan 2013 04:57

Allan keys ? I shopped at the local Canadian tire got a crazy small light set in a 3 pack Standard, Metric and Torx, small light and inexpensive to boot. I also have a small pill bottle filled with grease and some of the plumbers putty AKA DOG SHI%%E where all you do is tear off a chunk and knead it then stuff it to the hole and it hardens . its similar to the JB Weld but firmer.:cool4:

YGio 30 Jan 2013 17:14

Duct Tape and Super glue.
Everything else is accessory...Yes, even the hammer!
A nice big rock will always do the trick. :D

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