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Fern 11 Jan 2012 17:43

What type of lock for my topbox?

I have a plastic topbox, that is bolted to my rear rack. It has no chance of coming off easily.

The lock to get in on the other hand is one that could be picked open with a paperclip, and is rubbish (so much so that I had my laptop stolen from it, outside a city police station, on a Saturday afternoon).

Can anyone recommend me a sturdier lock to put on it, that is easy and quick to use (a padlock would be the limit of fiddly-ness).

I understand no theft is totally preventable but just want to make thieves lives a little harder.

Many thanks


Dirtpig 11 Jan 2012 21:21

Pad locks on a plastic top box tend to be fairly easy to break into. Think of whacking it with a hammer.

Can you post up a photo of your top box so we might see what it looks like and come up with some options for you?



Juliet_Papa 12 Jan 2012 08:19

Hi Fern

As Dirtpig said a photo would help. However if you are looking for a Draw latch type fixing look at the Southco website, as for locks radial pin types are fairly secure and they are made by Lowe and Fletcher and Camlock.

If you need any further help then contact me you should have my details if not send a pm

Safe riding

Juliet Papa

Endurodude 12 Jan 2012 19:02

This suggestion might cause more problems than it solves, but have you considered Pacsafe (below)? Plastic containers strike me as potentially fairly easy to break into - at least, they might present as such to some scrote with a big rock / hammer / etc. :nono: This looks like it is secure (and is!), and might prevent them having a go in the first place. Descovered them on one of the HU DVD's!

Having said this, it might move around a little / scratch the paint when riding, but you could just put it on whenever you stop; depends on the potential hassle threshold :innocent:

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bags & Travel Security Products | Home Page

Fern 13 Jan 2012 21:37

scratch the paint? lol.

Am considering pac safe maybe for my soft luggage, but only where I will have to leave my bike for more than a while, as it looks fiddly.


PM me your details and we'll meet up for a fenland cuppa. I'm only in Ely. :scooter:

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