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BMurr 10 Jun 2011 18:29

Kawasaki Gt550
I once bought an ex despatch GT550 for very little. The engine over revved at idle and when I serviced it I discovered the valves seats/valves were worn to the extent that some of the shims ( shim and bucket adjustment for clearances) were the smallest available. Correct solution would be to fit new seats and possibly new valves but that was something i couldn't afford at that time. So I calculated what size shims I needed and using a flat whet stone I ground the smallest shims down to that size. It transformed the engine which ran correctly after that intervention. I probably ran the bike for another 40,000 miles after that and did a few more grinding jobs on the remaining shims when service needed. I did wonder if the valves would disintegrate at some stage but they never did. A cheap fix and definately a bodge albeit it one that required use of a micrometer.

bobbyrandall 12 Apr 2014 17:09

..utterly fantastic bike, tough, and easily bodged and fixed..used by London motorcycle couriers, the ultimate accolade.....shaft drive, medium engine, power, good fuel consumption, no rad.........lovely bike....!!

swesty 26 Apr 2014 14:38

The real bodger would have simply taken an angle grinder to the valve stem and reused the original shim. I know this for a fact, I caught a mechanic doing just that to my bike during an un announced visit to see why it was taking so long for a simple service. :nono:

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