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ranfog 15 Oct 2011 11:41

husky 610 help needed!!
Hey there everyone. I've got a husqvarna te610e thats been stolen recoverd. Its in a sorry state. I'm gunna get it back to its former glory over the winter but for now I just need to hear her run,the wiring has been savaged, things cut ignition smashed etc etc etc.
Does anyone know how i can bodge the wiring so i can get it running? Or at least turning over on the button so I can get a spark?

woody 15 Oct 2011 17:24

just a stab in the dark
but maybe google husqvarna te610e manual download,should be electrical diagram....wires are normally colour coded...

ranfog 16 Oct 2011 18:35

Tried it with no luck. The only one I can find is a pretty bad photocopy.

Grant Johnson 21 Oct 2011 02:16

Given the condition of the bike, I'd STRONGLY recommend buying a real manual - it will be worth it's weight in gold as you move along in the repair / restoration project. Not the time to be penny wise and pound foolish!

Brian E 1 Nov 2011 12:02

dunno what country your in but have you tried contacting the importer they might help or might suggest a friendly dealer who could be a good contact for the diagram first then maybe later spare parts.

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