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nigel_tailyour 10 Aug 2011 20:34

BMW rear wheel bearing gone at nordcapp!
We have got through the tunnel in Nordcapp and the rear wheel bearing has broken.
I have a bmw gsa R1150
Do you know how i can get a new bearing sent to the very tip of Norway (Europe too) plus oil seal and maybe oil.

I could do with an online workshop manual for the rear wheel bearing if you can find a link or a pdf file.

I do not know when i can find internet again - maybe in the library in Honningsvåg

Do you think you can help?

mark manley 10 Aug 2011 21:13

I think renewing a bearing in a BMW bevel box is quite a specialised job, if you have breakdown cover you might want to get taken to a repair shop, others might know different.

BipBip 11 Aug 2011 12:34

Tromsø Motor
Hi Nigel,
Sorry to hear about your problem, I think this is the BMW dealership which is closest to Nordkapp:

Tromsø Motor AS

Ringveien 9
9276 Tromsø
Telefon: 77 68 35 10
Telefaks: 77 68 35 11
E-mail: post@tromsomotor.no
Web: Motospeed.no

You don't need to use prefix if you're calling from Norway.
Good luck!

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