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Dingo 5 Jun 2008 09:28

Wire Wheels
Hi Guys,

I urgently require a front or pair of wire wheels for a R1200GS to continue a ride through Africa. Has anyone any ideas of how to get a set or the front? BMW don't have anything is stock at all in Australia.

Any help would be apprieciated.


Margus 10 Jun 2008 12:00

BMW patented cross-spoke wheels using tubeless tires are relatively expensive buying them afterwards brand new. On buyers who buy a brand new or s/h R1200GS I'd always recommend buying spoked wheels on as an optional extra - it'll be much cheaper this way than buying them afterwards separately.

But I reckon used wheel is as good as new. eBay.de has currently one rear wheel listed:

Rear wheel

Other's worth asking from are (if they have the front wheel in stock):
Siebenrock - BMW Motorräder & Teile ...alles ab /5 (Germany)
BMW Motorcycle Spares - Motobins Ltd - Welcome (UK)
Motorworks - BMW Motorcycle Spares - home (UK)

Most of them probably are willing to send parts very quickly to most of the remote parts of the World (Fedex, DHL etc).

Take care, Margus

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