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Dan 23 25 Dec 2003 04:24

wheel bearings buggered - anyone else?
Research question - 2002 F650 GS Dakar, 13,000 hard miles on the dusty clock, front wheel bearings buggered - by the time I got the wheel off to have a look, 8 were missing. Anyone else had similar problems? Or is this just the result of too many clumsy wheelies?

k7lro 29 Dec 2003 07:58

That sounds quite short to me but the F650 isn't known for having the highest quality bearings in the first place.

Check http://faq.f650.com/FAQs/FrontWheelB...acementFAQ.htm for a good replacement procedure.

Best wishes from a sunny AZ!

Dan 23 4 Jan 2004 00:14

Thanks, man. Now the head races are shot too. I'm not impressed.

Roboyobo 5 Jan 2004 04:30

Don't worry too much. BMW's are typically a mix of 95% excellent quality components and 5% utter crap. You've already identified two of the worst parts on an F650 - my BMW dealer insisted on changing the head races (with higher quality Jap ones) almost right away, and the wheel bearings went quite quickly. I think the chaingang website contains a list of other dodgy bits. On the older F650's, the regulator/rectifier would always blow, the battery evaporate, and the water pump leak (keep an eye on the coolant levels). Otherwise they are pretty solid bikes.

Dan 23 10 Jan 2004 06:00

Ta. One more thing, this snorkel cutting conversion thing - f650.com link doesn't work - is it just a case of drilling/slotting a hole or seven in the snorkel? Anything else need ruining?

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