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snodgrass88 18 Apr 2005 22:26

twinshock trail tyres
Hi all
I am just ressurecting my old R60/7 and need to put some new travelling tyres on it .Does any onr Know for SURE if I can fit the new Continental as worn by Ewan Mcgregor's bike at the back. I know they do a 400x18 but I am worried about the swing arm clearance It only has 1/2 inch 15mm clearance with a Sahara (enduro 3).
come to that is there a decent 19 inch trail tyre for the front?
thanks sg88

Timo 19 Apr 2005 02:09

I can't say for sure if it will fit, but I would expect it will. If you put it on the rim and it proves to be a bit wide, I have shaved the knobs off one side of a dirt tire that was to wide for my G/S. That worked fine - just don't try and shave the carcass - that could lead to a blow out. In my case, I took off about 3-4 mm of rubber which made all the difference.

fatal 22 Apr 2005 05:19

I've been using Avon Distanzias on my R80ST, they work well on tarmac,even in the wet, and pretty good on trails as well. However mine is a monoshock and there is plenty of clearance.

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