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Fuzzy Duck 6 Apr 2002 22:34

Touratech vs HPN vs ???
Hi folks

I'm thinking about doing some major improvements to my 1989 R100GS to prepare it for some serious long distance touring. The most attractive accessories seem to be available from Touratech & HPN - but I'd like to hear from you if you've bought any of the following from either of these, and what you think (any good, value for money, etc...)

I'm thinking of the following:
From Touratech:
Footpeg relocation kit (lower pegs)
Hand protectors
Handlebar risers
Brake lever relocation kit
Sump guard
WIRTH progressive springs
Acerbis front mudguard
Cockpit fairing
IMO-100 R300 motorcycle computer
STD control lamp unit

From HPN:

Fairing HPN Paris-Dakar
Oil cooler thermostat
Rallye oil pan
HPN Baja muffler
Lugguage carrier
1 man seat HPN, leather cover
Brake lever changed to upward position

I've been put-off the Touratech seat... it seems a bit expensive for what you get...

Fuzzy Duck
(I'm quackers about bikes)

mmaarten 7 Apr 2002 16:29


Touratech has very nice stuff, but there service (after you paid the bill) suck's.. Well, actually it does not suck, it's just not there.
No problem if all goes well, but in my case it took month's, many letter's and phonecall's and interfirance of the credit-card company to get it sorted out. In all that time Touratech never contacted me and only lied there socks off. (the credit-card company did send me all comunications)

For me: never again!


- www.maartensworld.tmfweb.nl -

Sean Kelly 8 Apr 2002 15:52


For what it's worth...

Footpeg relocation kit, does give more leg room and reduced my leg cramp on longer rides.

Hand protectors, wouldn't fit on my GS as hit the screen. Also, mountings suspect and not very strong if you have the heated grip option. I have an unused set in my garage as a consequence... I would suggest dumping the OE heated grips and replacing with some of the new Oxford ones, fit some renthal alloy bars, and then mount the hand protectors with the proper non-heated grip fittings.

Sump guard, I fitted the stock PD BMW sump and centrestand guards from Motorworks.

WIRTH progressive springs, instead I paid Ron Williams at maxton £195 for custom made fork internals. Well recommended conversion.

Oil cooler thermostat, if you have a cooler fitted to the bike already and ride in cold weaather at all, probably justified. It's a nice, expensive bit of kit.

Other things...

Obviously a WP, Ohlins or other quality shock is essential as the stock unit will fail at some point. Flip-a-lever cruise control and 'fat foot' from schneider are great little gadgets. Motobins 4 pot front brake caliper with braided hose. Recon Bosch starter motor.

God I'm such an anorak.


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