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billy bee 2 Jul 2006 19:30

Touratech Tank repairs/linings?
I recently traded my Adventure tank for a Touratech one. When it arrived there were several signs of leakage and one substantial patch at the rear corner of the tank. Additionally, there were handfulls of black liner shavings/chips loose in the tank.

I am concerned about trying to fill this thing with gas. Anybody have experience with the TT tank who can help me out?

A few specific questions:
  • Did the TT tank come new with any type of lining, like POR15 Tank lining or Kreem? My impression fro the TT site is that it was a straight plastic tank. Trying to figure out what all that black stuff is.
  • Anybody ever successfully repaired a plastic TT tank? What materials did you use?

Fuzzy Duck 3 Aug 2006 18:43

Ye - mine started leaking in the corner when I shaved too much off it.

I just bunged a bit of epoxy resin on it (from the outside) and it stopped.

Dead easy!

billy bee 8 Aug 2006 00:26

TT Tank
Turns out the one I traded is fiberglass. TT says they recalled them all. Obviously, they haven't. I know of two floating around...mine and one other in Virginia. They delaminate and leak.

So, if anybody has a used GS tank, prefer the early plastic one, I am a buyer.


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