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Roboyobo 6 Feb 2003 18:53

Technoflex shock; Touratech top-box; Telefix fork-brace
Has anyone experience of the following:

Technoflex rear shock on a 2-valve GS? - i have done 30,000 road miles with one - no probs, but want to know if it is up to more off-road stuff.

Touratech top-box - again, done lots of miles with one. It's very wobbly, and recently one of the bolts that secure it to the rack broke.

Telefix fork-brace - haven't tried this yet, but i have a problem with the front end wobbling when decelerating/accelerating. Will it make a difference?



gozell 7 Feb 2003 01:04


Gotta Technoflex shock on me Dommie with adjustable rebound and high + low speed compression.. To be honest its hard to notice
the difference on the compression bit but adjustable rebound is the thing to get -especially on those bad road in afrique..

The guys at Technoflex qre very helpful, went there twice and had spring uprated to a stiffer one at no cost.. Excellent!

Timo 16 Feb 2003 06:38

I have both a Technoflex shock and a telefix brace on my 80G/S. The shock is relatively new so I can't give much feedback on the reliability factor, but so far so good. The Telefix has been a clear improvement: with the G/S you need everything you can get. On the later GS series, there are screw on cast aluminum braces that I think would be better. There are also thicker top triple clamps (solid Aluminium as well) sold for both models that are reputed to work well. The ones I am familar with came from CC products, San Hose BMW. You didn't specify G/S or GS, and there is a large difference between two in the front end. I have owned both, and I am currently looking for a later front end to graft on my monolever!

simmo 14 Apr 2003 16:44

Timmo does the Technoflex shock have adjustable rebound/compression damping for your monolever. I have been offerred a basic shock for my R80G/S for 900AUD about 400AUD cheaper than an Ohlins and 100 AUD more expensive than a Hagon (which dont seem to get many good wraps). I will be two up so am going to try and improve the rear suspension.

Timo 14 Apr 2003 23:33

After some thought, I ended up purchasing the lower end Technoflex, adjustable for preload (manual) and rebound only, and without the remote reservour. The above features put the shock up in price with the Ohlins or Works Performance, other options I considered.
I am happy with my choice. The shock body is the same (as I am told) so durability should be no different, I am just using the stripped model. So far, I don't miss the extra adjustability. I have not put the shock through a long enough test period to really speak for its longevity, but reports from others indicate that it is fine in this regard.
My basic presumption is that my bike and riding style do not justify the need for more adjustability.

simmo 18 Apr 2003 04:23

The basic shock sounds like the business. Thanks Timo

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