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Wheelie 12 Oct 2012 14:13

Sub-frame bolts - part numbers, and other bolts carried as spares?
Sub-frame bolts - part numbers, and other bolts carried as spares?


I've just recently joined the ranks among the F650GS owners - hurray! (A temperamental Tourateched 2001 F650GS Dakar)

I read that the Sub Frame bolts are prone to shear or loosen on this bike - and as such, should be carried among your spares.
Anyone know the parts numbers of these bolts? How many should I carry on longer trips?

Also, any other fasteners I should carry (parts numbers and/or sizes please), and how many of each?

I've looked through the FAQ and searched...

Thank you for any input and pointers

mark manley 13 Oct 2012 06:24

I don't travel with an F650, an R80GS is my bike of choice and have never heard of the subframe bolts breaking on either model, the subframe itself yes. If you are concerned by all means carry a spare pair and certainly a small plastic tub of assorted nuts and bolts just in case, just one or two of each M6, M8 and M10 about 20, and 40 mm long with a few nuts and washers that fit them should be enough.
Your BMW parts supplier should know the part number and get you the right ones for the subframe, ordinary bolts from a hardware store should do for the others if you don't already have a box of odd nuts and bolts in your garage.

Donmanolo 13 Oct 2012 11:23

Dude, they're just bolts. Go to a hardware store and pick up as many as you want to carry. When something breaks, you're not going to have the right one with you anyway.
That's when zip-ties come in handy ... (hint) .

Tony P 13 Oct 2012 16:13


Originally Posted by Giacomo (Post 396317)
Dude, they're just bolts.


Ever read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?

It's not about maintenance but human perceptions and values. The first chapter discusses the guy who used a beer can ring-pull as a washer, while his companion insisted on the manufacturer's official part for the same purpose.

Yes these bolts can break.
One of mine did, in deepest Siberia.
You will need to drill out the broken bit from the captive nut (ie. welded on) on the subframe and probably rethread the nut before fitting a new bolt.

When you find those facilities, believe me, there will be bolts.
Not BMW bolts, but bolts.
Bolts at a fraction of the BMW price!

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