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bryan 30 Jun 2004 00:33

steering head bearing-torque setting?
finally made it back on the road http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif)...hello canada!!!!
with the bike fully loaded i'm getting a slight weave at 40mph....i need to just nip up the steering head bearing a bit
can abody look in haynes/cymer/bmw for torque setting for steeing head nut...

Mr. Ron 30 Jun 2004 12:49

Just read the Haynes manual and it states pretty much the same system i've been using on my bikes for years. I tighten the nhe nut while moving the steering head left to right. If you feel roughness in the movement, the bearings need to be inspected in the very near future. If they feel comfortable, tighten the head until you feel resistance in the steering, then back-off one-eighth turn. Always check to make sure there is no movement in the bearings by carefully manipulating the forks left and right. I've also found that all bikes feel diferent, so use your own judjement. Just remember,always adjust your steering head with the tire in the air. Slacken the bottom pinch-bolts at both forks, this is very important! When the steering is centre, it should easily fall left or right when the handle bar is pushed each way. If not, the bearings are too tight.
As quoted from the Haynes manual "The steering head is correctly adjusted when the forks fall easily to one side when moved slightly off centre." OK, i think that explains it ...oh yah, the locknut should be tightened to 48 foot-pounds, or 65 nanometres (i think thats what Nm stands for...)

Note!! I have personally witnessed steering-head bearings locking up due to lack of maintinence and hard off-road riding.This both sucks and hurts! Please do your part and regularly maintain your steering-head bearings http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif

Frank Warner 1 Jul 2004 05:27

Nm - Newton metre. i.e. a torque = force (in Newtons) by a distance (in metres).

I know that bmw specify a force at the bar ends before the steering moves .. I think it is small .. in the 100 grams range. To have this there is some preload on the bearings. The adjustment for this is under the top yoke (or triple tee for another name). The nut that goes on top of the top yoke .. well I just do that up 'ruddy tight'.

bryan 1 Jul 2004 07:55

thanks guys,
i've tightened the them 1/8 of turn...45degrees....and the slight weave at 40mph has gone.....stability again http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

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