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jv3 9 Oct 2006 03:05

stalling R1200 RT BMW
This bike stalls after riding at higher speeds and then coming down to 1st gear and or stopping.

When riding at 60 MPH or 100 ks all seems fine but when slowing right down to a stop the bike runs very ruff and then dies...When turning the key to the off position and then back on again and then hitting the start button its fine again...any ideas? My buddy and I are down in Mexico and this is a real pain in the ass with heavy traffic.


Gecko 9 Oct 2006 15:50

I've heard a of a similar fault on an 1100GS before and it was a loose wire in the ignition loom . I'm not sure about the space age wiring on those new fangled R12 bikes but the problem sounds very similar. Have a look at the thread on UKGSER http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthr...6&page=2&pp=16

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