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sigoodacre 26 Oct 2005 07:49

speedo cable

Does anyone know where i could pick up a speedo cable old or new ? It´s for a GS 1100 1998.
I am in Mancora,Peru and heading south tomorrow.Quito BMW didn´t have one.BMW Chile have one but i would like to get it before then if possible.

Many thanks !

Vaufi 26 Oct 2005 17:31

If you cannot find one, why not fit a bicycle speedo. Works just as good and is independent of the speedo drive.

MartijnP 27 Oct 2005 03:26

Hi, I have no address but a tip (perhaps). In Delhi they repaired my cable and it still holds after 10K. I dont know about your cable but mine was dead, broken and beyonf repair I thought..


my bike is exactly the same as yours

sigoodacre 30 Oct 2005 00:34

Yeah,i was thinking about repair if all else fails.In Lima at moment(Saturday) and BMW not open untill Monday.

Thanks !

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