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Fuzzy Duck 29 Jan 2003 00:38

Silencers are golden?
On my R100 GS the crappy chrome silencer has got a hole in it (which I've fixed) - but I need a new one.

But I'm tempted for one of these low twin pipes - because it means the panniers will fit nice and balanced rather than have a smaller one where the old silencer is.

Any thoughts? I'm worried about going through water with low pipes - maybe they're high enough?

Let me know what you guys think

Fuzzy Duck
(I'm quackers about bikes)

John Ferris 29 Jan 2003 02:48

The R100R 1992-1995 has a low pipe that will fit a R100GS. For a while in Europe they were an option on the R100GS.
As for water there is a small drain hole at the bottom and any residue will blow out the pipe.
Then you can put big bags on. Pictures at

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